PA Bans New Jersey Drivers


Experts estimate that as much as 26% of all vehicle related incidents in PA are somehow related to a New Jersey driver. © Tatiana Belova -
Experts estimate that as much as 26% of all vehicle related incidents in PA are somehow related to a New Jersey driver.

-Harrisburg, PA. In a move that angered many New Jersey residents and stunned the nation, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbitt signed the “Pennsylvania Safe Highways Act” into law yesterday, marking the first time such a law has been passed in the United States. The law bans New Jersey licensed drivers from operating any vehicle on Pennsylvania highways with fines of up to $1,500 for each offense. An exemption can be made for vehicles with state approved modifications, such as black and yellow reflective vinyl on all the doors and bumpers or a large “Student Driver” sign affixed to the roof of the vehicle.

Naturally, people from New Jersey are being jerks about it. Terry is a New Jersey resident who travels to Pennsylvania for his job.

“What are we supposed to do for our jobs? Those stupid PA people need to realize how much we need their economy. Without being able to drive, we’ll have to rely on our own economy which just isn’t an option.”

When asked if he’s going to risk the heavy fine, he laughed and said, “Morality, like turning signals, is relative. I haven’t been paying attention to driving laws before, why would I start now?”

Not everyone hates the law, however. Mary is a Pennsylvania resident who does a lot of commuting.

“Whenever you see someone hitting a pedestrian or driving down the left turn lane with their right blinker on you know where they’re from. New Jersey! I think it’ll make the highways much safer.”

The insurance companies seem to agree. Geico estimates the savings from banning New Jersey drivers will more than make up for the lost tourism and jobs from the New Jersey citizens. Progressive has announced an immediate premium discount for those PA drivers with uninsured motorist coverage and Nationwide is rolling back it’s Pennsylvania premiums as well, citing a safer pool of drivers on the road.

“When you take out those reckless drivers, the number of claims go down.” Sheila Daniella, the spokesman for Nationwide, says. “It’s simple math.”

Emergency workers are also weighing in the decision. Emily Pratz is an EMT for the Lancaster area emergency response team. “I can’t tell you how many New Jersey license plates I’ve had to remove from unlucky pedestrians. New Jersey folks have the license plates on the front of their cars. I always tell people to check before you just run out on the crosswalk. If there’s a yellow license plate on the front of the car, that car ain’t stopping!”

While PA drivers are seemingly breathing a sigh of relief, some New Jersey residents are threatening to take things into their own hands, forming groups of armed mobs and disturbing Pennsylvania motorists.

When asked about the possibility of violence, Gov. Tom Corbitt just laughed. “Those liberals? They have so many gun laws they aren’t even American. We have more guns. We can take them.” He summed it up by saying, “Those wackers can’t even pump their own gas.”

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396 thoughts on “PA Bans New Jersey Drivers

    1. The only reason we cut you people off is because you guys hang out in the left lane when we try to get past you. So then we need to fit our car in the smallest of spaces because you people do not understand the concept of being curios to other drivers

        1. “courteous”? When I’m already driving over the speed limit in the passing lane, I’m not obligated to move over because some reckless shithead like you wants to speed even faster. Oh, and if you tailgate me, you’re the only dipshit who’s breaking the law in PA. Don’t like it? Go back to shithole NJ with your fat, obnoxious, douchebag governor who also thinks he’s above the law. Guess you morons learn by his example.

          1. Woah woah woah – Be nice – First off, Mike – by speeding in the left lane, you too would be breaking the law. Neither of you is more correct but in general if someone’s going faster, I pull over and let them by, slowing down if I must, then when they go by, I speed up again – chances are they are not going to go fast for a while and slow down staying in the left lane. That’s regardless of state 😛 Just because you’re in the left lane staying the same speed doesn’t mean you’re not passing someone – you could pass a group of cars and it might take you 20 minutes to do so at 80 mph. If someone wants to go 90, pull over and let them past – you both get to your destination, and really not that much sooner either 😛 And I do believe this article was a gag article *shakes head* Getting upset over stupid crap lol

          2. 1. Our governor is better than yours because he actually compromises. 2. No one gives a crap if he is fat. 3. All of those redneck white trash people in pennsyltucky are 10 times worse than what we have. 4. Why do you have to be a stubborn jackass and sit in the left lane. Just move over it takes 10 seconds out of your insignificant life. You also have to remember PA speeding is like 6 mom over the speed limit in jersey it’s 16 over. When I had to go 75 instead of my normal 80 I was in the right lane and moved over to pass someone then back to the right lane because I’m courteous, you stupid Pennsylvania inbred fuck.

          3. Actually Mike… it is illegal to stay in the left lane if you are not passing in both PA and NJ.

            Here is the PA code…

            THE VEHICLE CODE (TITLE 75)



            Subchapter A – General Provisions.

            § 3313. Restrictions on use of limited access highways.

            (d) Driving in right lane.–

            1. Except as provided in paragraph (2) and unless otherwise posted, upon all limited access highways having two or more lanes for traffic moving in the same direction, all vehicles shall be driven in the right-hand lanes when available for traffic except when any of the following conditions exist:
            i. When overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction,
            ii. When traveling at a speed greater than the traffic flow.
            iii. When moving left to allow traffic to merge.
            iv. When preparing for a left turn at an intersection, exit or into a private road or driveway when such left turn is legally permitted.

          4. I’m truly terrified that a whole state really thinks if your driving the speeding LIMIT!!!! its discourteous and that passing people who are, to speed down the highway at break neck speed is ludicrous but even if this isn’t crap there is no way a federal law could be ousted by a state, especially when it would clearly endanger people let alone children.

        2. I am being Courteous if I’m doing the speed limit, they are not being Courteous by speeding and endangering others so actually I’m doing the public at large a favor and saving lives where as this idiot doesn’t care if my grandkids are killed by his dangerous driving. NOT ON MY WATCH!

          1. Are u a cop no it ai t ir job to slow people down youre going to try to police the wrong person one day and get road raged just be careful with that mentality is all im sayin and nj drivers do suck i love in nj this liberal stupid shit hole these fuckers on the daily drive 20 to 25miles UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT no im not gonna leave early cus some selfish prick wants to go slow and hold us all up playin with their bitch phone and bitch social media damn it cant wait to move to texas no liberal slow ass bitch drivers there. But pa ban nj drivers u will be mich better off these nj bitches cant drive and get all pissy if u call them on it and another thing NJ- LEARN TO GO AT THE DAMN GREEN LIGHT NOT DELAYING EVERYONE ELSE OK yall have a nice day now and fuck nj 🙂

        1. Actually Justin….if any state should ban other state’s drivers, it’s NJ banning the morons from PA that are nothing more than left-lane dicks. The left lane is meant for passing in case you brain dead Pennsylvanians didn’t know that. That’s why there are road signs that actually say Keep Right except to pass. But no…………PA drivers think that you’re above us and choose to do exactly the speed limit or under. Guess what? Get the fuck out of the way moron!!
          In NJ there are 3 rules of the road.
          1. Lead
          2. Follow
          3. Get the fuck out of my way!!

          1. i find it funny you accuse them of doing something wrong by following the law (ie. following the speed limit) and yet rationalize your breaking the law (ie. passing from the right or the shoulder and not following the speed limit) by the fact that they are following it. should they move out of your way? MAYBE. does that give you the right to brake the law? NO.

          2. We don’t want to visit your shitty state or your shitty beaches, and people who are already going over the speed limit in the passing lane aren’t obligated to move just because some shithead from NJ is illegally tailgating us. Don’t like PA drivers? Then LEAVE, no one wants you shitheads in our state.

          1. You dumbasses it’s illegal to hang out in the left lane in NJ so if you are doing your are breaking the law as well the only reason we tailgate you is because you people are in the last lane hanging out. Speeding is different in pa if your doing more than 5 over your speeding in jersey of your doing more than 15 over your speeding. Stay In your state we truly do not want you.

      1. PA drivers in a nutshell: drive with their turn signals on, drive with their high beams on, not matter what the speed limit is, they are doing 5-10 miles below the speed limit (usually in the fast lane … With their turn signal on), and if they see a hill then they slam on their breaks. Also, here is a tip- if you get a PA driver that actually does do the speed limit and rides your ass… All you have to do is go around a turn and youll lose them. Like hills, the slam on their breaks for slight curves too.

        1. Your an idiot. Stay off our roads. You guys don’t realize we drive SAFELY, at 50 MPH, which is the speed limit on Rt 80 from the toll all they way to Mt Pocono. But you Jersey idiots wouldn’t know that because your too busy flying past the speed limit signs at 80!!!

          1. Hey Chris……. YOU are the idiot. You cry “The law says the speed limit is 50 MPH”. Driving exactly the speed limit in the left lane is not driving safely moron. It’s called IMPEDING TRAFFIC. Guess what jackass…..the law states Keep RIGHT except to PASS. Not be a left lane dick.

          2. hey daryn. you are supposed to pass someone within the confines of the law (ie. you are not to exceed the speed limit). yet again you are rationalizing breaking the law because other people are following it. you seem to have major emphasis only for laws which benefit yourself and ignore ones that do not.
            ps: sorry it would not let me comment on his post so i had to comment on yours chris

          3. Yeah Daryn, additionally Pocono Country Place wants you to stay the fuck out of their development where you own that dump of a house you bought.

          4. “Your an idiot” Yeah you are deff from PA, can’t even spell YOU’RE correctly. Get the fuck out of the left lane jackass. NOTHING worse than PA drivers.

          5. “Your an idiot” Yeah you are deff from PA, can’t even spell YOU’RE correctly. Get the hell out of the left lane jackass. NOTHING worse than PA drivers.

          6. hey Daryn, no one is obligated to move because you feel entitled to break the law and speed 20 miles over the limit. Don’t like it? Tough shit. Tailgate at an unsafe distance, drive recklessly, speed, whatever, I just take your plate number and forward it appropriately. Sleep tight asshole.

          7. Mike you are obligated to do that because well IT’S FUCKING ILLEGAL. So shut up move over and I’ll get your plate number for hanging out in the left lane.

        2. Just the other day in the snow storm I had a PA driver ride me the whole way home , stressing me out and I was going slow bc of the bad snowfall. He could of hurt me and others. If I wasn’t confident , panic could have caused a dangerous outcome. So PA shouldnt talk. Also PA didn’t even plow any of my local roads that in itself put everyone’s life in danger. Seems like its the pot calling the kettle black.

          1. This whole article was a spoof in the first place. Look at the tags for the article. This would’ve made national headlines when the bill was proposed anyway. Everyone from Jersey just got their panties in a bunch when they read the truth, that’s clear to me. The stretch of Route 80 from the NJ toll all the way to the 380 split has been named the most fatal stretch of interstate in PA.. Why might that be, if NJ drivers are not the problem?

          2. How do you know it was a pa driver if he was behind you? Pa doesn’t have plates on the front…

        3. Hahaha, you are a stupid bytch! I’m a driver and from PA. F*uck, I drive fast. If the speed limit says 55. I would go 65-70 or even more. If the state trooper is around then I would slow down until I get past them. I even drive 100mph on the highway safely and I can do better than you. I know how to drive fast and do safe way. 🙂 apparently, NJ residents are so idiot because they can’t handle fast and they don’t know to drive right way and they can’t do safe drive with speed. That’s why there are so high rate of accidents.

          1. You’re obviously a fucking moron. It’s not that NJ drivers can’t drive. It’s the fucking idiots from PA that like to cut people off and drive slow in the left lane. This is what push bumpers are made for.
            As for the “high rate”of accidents…….if you’re referring to in NJ in general, that’s because we have more cars on the road per miles than any other state plus we have to deal with fucking morons from PA on our roads.

          2. HAH hey bryan first off learn how to spell the name BRIAN correctly. secondly please learn some grammar, also I don’t believe you actually have a license considering you need to read to pass your driving test….

          3. Uh, Dave, some people DO spell Bryan with a “Y”. One of my friends does. Just because it isn’t how you want to spell it, makes it wrong. And honestly, let’s face facts folks. there are idiot drivers from EVERY state… No one state is an exception. I grew up in NY, had to deal with those idiots, and now down in FL, I have the same type of idiots. I mean if people relocate from up north to down here, spending years driving in sleet, snow, ice, etc., then why do they all FREAK OUT when it starts to rain? Are you kidding me?

            Look there’s obviously road idiots everywhere. It’s not by the state you are, it’s by the PERSON you are. Some of them on here are just complete idiots, bitching at people for doing the speed limit… Um, so you’re getting mad at someone for OBEYING the law and preventing you from BREAKING the law? And you have the nerve to complain? Someone should just hit you on the head with a ball peen hammer because you are a douchehat.

          4. “NJ residents are so idiot because …” smh


            I SMART!!! derp.

        4. What is PA going to do about all of the NJ transplants who moved to PA. I mean these knuckleheads are endangering our lives every day, and they look like they are from PA! I hope Gov. Corbett has a plan to expose them as the suicidal destructive vehicle operators they are. The NJ DMV has melted their tiny brains!

      2. Amen, Joe. PA drivers often do under the speed limit in the left hand lane (which is technically illegal). Maybe if they learned how to drive, we’d all be safer.

        1. Since we’re all being honest – I do occasionly do 80 on 80, but for most of the stretch between NJ and Mt. Pocono, I tend to take it easy seeing it is the most populated area of traffic in this area. I wound rather, while passing another vehical, drive with caution in the left lane – even if some idiot is try to ride my ass the whole time. I don’t care who you are, you will wait for me to make it saftly to the right lane. If I really wanted to be a dick, I will stay in the left lane as long as possible because I would rather slow you down then to watch you pass me at ridiculously dangerous speeds then only a couple miles later you lose control of your car and cause an accident involving someone like me who is trying to get to A and B saftly. Slow down, or fuck off.

      3. Michael, the law in NJ is keep right except to pass as stated above. PA drivers love to drive the speed limit in the left hand land which is against the law in NJ. By the way, break*

      4. If I am going 15 over the speed limit why the eff are NJ drivers pissed I am not going faster. I am not trying to get a ticket.

        1. So why don’t you show the same attitude when you have a trooper with the lights on behind you? Stay in the lane and don’t let him thru since you obey the law that much

      5. I agree Joe. Same goes for New Yorkers. If anything NJ drivers are better drivers then most. We just want to get there but also get fed up of the idiot drivers that don’t understand basic driving. Left lane is for passing not a speed up lane but for travelers. Stay in the middle lanes if NJ and you should be fine. So I guess we should ticket the PA people that come to our shores and casinos!!

    2. Then you should learn how to drive..I hate seeing PA.plates here. Terrible drivers , and never keep up with the speed limit !!

      1. We don’t keep up with the speed limit in your crappy state because your cops target us. I always have to deal with you fucktards on 78 you guys are idiots talking about staying in the left lane too long. I almost always have to pass you idiots in the right hand lane. This is a 17 year old talking I’ve been driving for a year and I already know how teribbly inconsiderate you guys are as drivers.

        1. Wait Dennis, you pass on the right? That’s illegal in every state. Well that explains a lot.

          1. Passing on the right is completely legal on a multi-lane road in Pennsylvania. It even says so in the driver’s manual. I’ll turn 50 next month, and I see it all the time when I drive in NJ. You guys hang out in the left lane (despite NJ having a keep-right law decades before PA) and you have NO clue what a turn signal is. I used to work at the Reedman car dealership in the 1990s, and we had two traffic circles on the property. The only two times I saw drivers trying to go the wrong way in the circles, both cars had NJ license plates. I was very surprised, because NJ was once the traffic circle capital of the world.

          2. It’s kind of funny how this ban never happened, or will never happen and you assholes are getting all bent out of shape over nothing! Pa drivers just need to learn how to use their fucking turn signals and that the left lane is for passing. If the retarded citizens of PA would just learn those 2 things, than the world would be a better place because of it.

          3. Wow you are dumb he was saying because nj people ride the left lane as well so he proceeds back in the right lane and person in left is going slow he can’t help but pass you on the right so yes passing in right lane can legally be done

          4. so I guess you slow down when someone tries to pass. And I think this all really is a difference in how long we stay in the left lane. PA drivers know its courteous to not take the front end off of the car you are passing and NJ drivers know its not courteous to be in the left lane. And in PA it might be the entire span of winter before your road gets plowed or salted or even looked at by any government vehicle so you better slow down on any hills and turn, the black ice might just roll your car the whole way to Jersey and nothing could be worse than ending up there.

        2. I know you’re young, but please try to be less of a fucking idiot. PA doesn’t transfer out of state speeding tickets so stop crying about cops “targeting” you.

        3. As soon as you NJ’ers cross the PA border, you have your cell phones in your hands desperately trying to call someone that will talk to you. This is when you enter autopilot mode, and follow the pretty red lights in front of you as close as you can! BTW, I don’t think the maitre’d at Chili’s wants to know what color underwear you have on.

        1. ACTUALLY, New Jersey’s posted “limit” is not an absolute limit like some other states. If the posted limit on a highway is 65 then the cops will only pull you over for 75 and above.

          1. Well we’re not talking about driving in NJ, so your laws don’t apply. Frankly, I notice people with plates from PA and many other states who tailgate me while I’m in the passing lane, in a 55 mph zone, while I’m already going 70-75. Fuck all of you, I’m not doing anything illegal, but you dipshits are by tailgating(Illegal in PA), just so you can speed even faster over the speed limit.

      2. Super Storm Sandy should have wiped that landfill of New Jersey off the map to begin with. Jersey folks are the most arrogant egotistical jerks there are. Good Lord, spend a weekend at Cabela’s with the Garden State crowd, and you’ll see what I mean. Same with the Poconos.

        1. I’m sorry, it’s perfectly OK to argue about driving, but to say we deserved Sandy is sociopathic. I saw my entire childhood destroyed, ie: the beach. I know people who lost their homes permanently, people who lost their lives permanently, lost pets, horrific injuries and poverty due to Sandy.
          Think the next time you say something so callous and ignorant. Really think about what you said, and what it means.

          1. This from the NJ girl who insults all PA drivers–now you’re whining because we correctly identify your state as a shithole. Don’t like it? Leave.
            Seriously you little moron, think about what you say and what it means-PA residents driving in PA don’t like you NJ dipshits or anyone else telling us that we’re obligated to move out of your way so you can speed faster. Do you know how many people are killed each year by reckless shitheads like you?
            Do everyone a favor and stay in your beloved NJ with your fatass corrupt asshole governor-a perfect representative of NJ.

        2. You’re a Fucking dick dude people lost there homes and livelihoods because of that storm you Fucking prick. Go die in a whole nobody want to be friends with an egotistical jack ass like you. You are the egomaniac here.

      3. Kathy, I was behind your crappy foreign luxury car in traffic yesterday. You were so close to the crappy foreign luxury car in front of you I thought you were being towed!

    3. I made a cross country trip tlast, and went I-80 through PA. You PA drivers are some of the dumbest motherfuckers I ever met. I sat in standstill traffic for over a half hour multiple times, in construction zones because you stupid inconsiderate pieces of shit drive down the lane that is ‘closed’ until you get to the point where you’ll collide with the construction crew, and then force your way over causing everyone who actually got over at the right time, to stop, causing a traffic jam that’s 3 miles long. It was so bad I started straddling two lanes to stop their stupid asses from causing more problems.
      YOU should be banned from driving in your own state!

      1. Its called “The Zipper Effect” when done the right way it keeps traffic flowing. In MN, DOT tells people to do that. But all the self absorbed dip shits that won’t let people over, ruin it and CAUSE the jams.

      2. Some traffic experts say that merging late keeps traffic moving faster because the maximum amount if highway capacity is being used. I always merge late. Read Tom Vanderbuilt’s book Traffic. It’s pretty interesting.

        1. Well, Tom Vanderbilt is an idiot if he really thinks that. Not only does that CAUSE the traffic back-up, it creates an unsafe situation. There is only ONE reason people ride the CLOSED lane til the last second, they are impatient to wait in the line to get through the closed section. Those people THINK they are special. I have news for you, go to the person who said you were special and punch them in the face, because the flat-out lied to you!!!!

          1. I have to comment on this thread, one because I think the entire thing is ridiculous and two because everyone on here thinks they are they are the best drivers ever and never do anything wrong! First of all we all forget our turn signals are on every once in a while. I’m sure we all speed and have passed on the right. There is only so long you can wait in the passing lane behind someone that will just never get over. It happens in every state, not just NJ or PA. Trust me I just finished a trip across the us in both directions. There is traffic in every major city in the US and construction all of the us also. Believe it or not roads need maintenance.

            Now as to your hilarious comment. Excuse the language but you assholes who take up two lanes before a merge point are the real dangers. Merge points are tapered for a reason and both lanes are open for a reason. It’s not the matter of taking up two lanes to the merge point that causes the traffic. It’s the drivers. If everyone let someone in or drove with another room so as to not need to hit the brakes then the merge point would be smooth. Instead everyone decides that they need to cut people off and the opposing side thinks that they shouldn’t be allowed in. Thus forcing the merging side to drive all the way to the merge point and force there way in. Thus forcing the assholes who wouldn’t let them in to hit their brakes. Aka causing traffic. If everyone was a little more courteous of everyone else then this merging issue wouldn’t be an issue. If its not clear from reading this I personally think you should use the entire road until the merge point. This also allows the most cars to fit into the shortest span of road, which in turn causes the traffic to have less of an effect on the rest of the road.

            In case any of you haters out there are reading this I am a PA driver. I grew up in NY, have lived in MD, and have driven across the US 4 times. I also drive a motorcycle regularly and move over for faster drivers even if I’m already breaking the speed limit. The issue here isn’t what state you are from or what laws you are breaking, its who’s driving, are they paying attention and are they being courteous to other drivers on the road. Aka it’s all attitude.

          2. @ Logic — all of you PA, NY, MD (in that order) tranplants are SPEDS! You are lucky you can breathe logically!

          3. Logic you couldn’t have put it any better. JUST BE COURTEOUS AND BE AWARE OF THOSE LANE SHIFTING IDIOTS BEHIND YOU. If somebody starts tailgating me at 80 and I have no where to go I will give the brake but if I can get over then let the asshole go that’s all you have to do. JUST BE CORTEOUS IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!!! BETTER TRAVELING!!

      3. i agree with charles on the construction thing i have been all around the country pa and a few other states are bad for jamming up highways at construction zones and on top of that i don’t know why everyone is bitching there is only a hand full of good drivers in both states

      4. In Pennsylvania they have signs that say “use both lanes to merge point”. This is because it is the proper thing to do. At the merge point the two lanes are supposed to take turns, letting one car from each lane move forward. When you do this you create the least amount of traffic possible. It is very common for Pennsylvania drivers to pile up in the lane that is not closing and then refuse to let someone in at the merge point. All that is accomplished when drivers do that is a build up of traffic as people fight for positioning.

      5. Charles, those are the people who moved from NJ to PA! BOOO HOOO my taxes are too high…..Stoopid MF’ers indeed!

      6. Charles you are so misinformed, the law in Pa is ues both lanes to the merge point. I have seen this done and when done properly it works great,there will always be some backup when using only 1 lane instead of 2, but usually its an out of state driver that screws things up.

      7. the signs in most of those zones tell drivers to drive to the merge point–but you might not have noticed because people from NJ are illiterate morons.

    4. Let’s stop the pissing match. There are idiot drivers in both States that do the same stupid cap. At least PA trusts you enough to pump and pay for your gas

      1. I agree, I have the same problems with people from all states, but if these idiots from shithole Jersey want to paint all PA residents the same way, well then I’m sure they don’t mind receiving the same treatment.

    5. Lol this is so fake. any ounce of intelligence can tell. anddd its not that PA or NJ drivers are bad. NJ has high accident ratings because we have so many people who love in this little state. which is also the reason for full service gas stations. we need more jobs, it had nothing to do with “being able to pump” you actually get a ticket if you pump your own gas in NJ. and if NJ people are in your state so much they obviously have pumped their own gas. and the states are literally right next to each other I’m sure since the FIRST day you started driving you’ve been on the road with hundreds of the other states drivers so actually you’re use to it. their or people who drive slow in NJ too. alllll the time. speed limits 45 and they’re going 30. its not where they’re from, its what kind of driver they are. and if you really want to complain about how people drive, go out to south California and you will see actual horrid driving.

    6. You do know that this is not true, correct? They announced it’s a hoax. You can tell the article is bs by the way it is typed. The government will never ban another state from using their roads, and anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot. Do some research before assuming everything is true.

      1. well we’re talking about NJ residents here, not very bright, but they apparently think that the rest of the world is obligated to get out of their way.

    1. Dave, I’ve been scrolling for over 5 minutes, and yours is the FIRST Post I saw that stated the obvious.

      Hey, PA folks….NYAH-NYAH!!

      (From a former PA resident)

  1. We tolerate Pennsylvania drivers in jersey you guys never know how to move over when someone is behind this is why we need to cut you off because in order to.geg past you we need to squeeze in the smallest of spaces because you idiots don’t know how to move over when someone is behind trying to get past. Not everyone travels at the same speed as you now shut up Pennsylvania you people are the ones that don’t know how to drive. GOD THAT FELT GOOD!

      1. We don’t move over on purpose, just to piss you off because you can’t drive worth a sh^t anyway.

        1. Well they’ll don’t yell us for being shifty rude drivers when you guys are trying to pass us off. God your a moron typical of PA full of idiots.

          1. Just a tip Joe… If YOU’RE going to insult someone for being an idiot, you might want to use the correct spelling for the word here. It is YOU’RE, not YOUR. Calling someone an idiot when you do something that looks idiotic to everyone just makes you look like the bigger fool.

        2. I’m sorry my phone changes it to that when I hit the space bar. You guys are just trying find something wrong to discredit me because you can find anything else. Also Mister Bruce springsteen is a loser. I’m sorry did you make millions of dollars off of music? Oh you didnt. You have absolutely no room to call him a loser. Call Lil Wayne a loser all you want but once you call the boss one when he is actually talented, and still performing at over 60 years of age, you could not be more wrong about anything else ever.

    1. Where is one supposed to go when they are already in the right lane traveling up a hill with a Jersey douche on their ass flashing the high beams at 70 mph with a box truck in front of them?

  2. First off, PA drivers are horrible, and every day I continue to live here, I fear for my life on the road. Second, if you’re going to write an article bashing someone, at least you could spell your own governor’s name correctly (typical PA education). Third, we tolerate your lost, slow, traffic-blocking asses all summer at the shore as you try to find Uncle Bill’s while escaping your 95-degree shithole of a state. So at least you could show some respect. PA drivers suck.

    1. You’re an idiot. ” PA drivers are horrible, and every day I continue to live here, I fear for my life on the road.” First, if you fear for your life living in PA then get the fuck out. Second, if you’re complaining about us coming to NJ for the beach, have fun not getting any business. Third, your educational argument is invalid seeing as PA has 6 colleges in the top 100 list compared to your 3…bitch.

      1. Lol. Your argument is invalid. PA is 10 times bigger than NJ. So your ratio sucks. 🙂

        1. There are only 4 million more people in PA than Jersey so your math is terrible, not that surprising being you have a Jersey education.

    2. Keep in mind fool that if it were NOT for all the PA people that drive through your POS state to get to the only thing of value in NJ, the shore ( except Wildwood) your economy may tank along with all those shore towns. And remember, a good many sea shore homes are owned by PA residents. Your state otherwise SUCKS. Overtaxed, over regulated, and you are to stupid to even pump your own gas.

      1. Our gas is cheaper yet we are still able to have someone do that for us I think that’s pretty good to me.

        1. NJ dipshits can’t even be trusted to pump their own gas. Oh right, you morons need busy work because you can’t get real jobs.
          Funny, you reckless thoughtless assholes expect everyone to get out of your way so you can break the law going 30 mph over the limit, then you have time to sit on your fat asses waiting for one of your fellow braindead morons to pump your gas.

    3. They should have extended Rte. 80 right into the Atlantic Ocean, so when da folks from Joisey is going to da city, they’d follow each other like lemmings to their watery graves.

  3. PA Drivers suck? Try driving in a state like Texas or Florida, its all flat and the roads are at a warm temp. almost 24/7. Most people would consider us PA drivers experienced, being that we have cold weather,snow, hills, and I don’t know where you guys are in PA but Scranton’s roads are nothing but pot holes anymore. Just because some people drive there car like they stole it, doesn’t mean that everyone in PA is a bad driver!

  4. bahahaha so many butthurt new jersey people. Im from PA and i can admit PA drivers suck but NJ drivers are ridiculous. Both states need to realize the left lane is a passing lane, not a cruising lane whether you’re doing 45(PA drivers) or 115(NJ drivers). Either way we are as bad as MA drivers. They simply give no shits up there.

  5. well I mean I don’t know whose a bigger criminal, the person that wrote this, the website that posted this or all you people from PA who are commenting on it! Criminals!

    1. It is bs pa is nice! And hey Criminals ha! Whose the criminals cutting off people when needed and passing people you have more likely of a chance of causing or getting into a car accident that way-Erika-Lynn

  6. Thats bs i love going to pa for camping and your going to tell me i cant drive in pa because of a few dumbasses….. suck my ass GOVERNOR!

  7. So NY should do the same against PA drivers. On I81 and I17 the worst drivers I have encountered have been drivers from PA. They pass you and then cut you off when they pull back in. They don’t seem to know that there is a law that you should turn on your headlights when your windshield wipers are going. Just in general they are rude and inconsiderate.]]

    1. why should it be a law to turn your lights on just because your wipers are going? If you had intelligent people writing your laws, they would base the requirement on, ya know, whether it’s fucking dark or not.

  8. ha why do i not believe this? and also ive seen pa drivers that fuckin suck also! its not just new jersey drivers pa drivers cant drive for shit!

  9. Hahahah…I love this article…all you people need to realize that this article was written as a joke…it’s bloody hilarious. People in New Jersey are obviously no worse driver than people here in Pa…loosen up…it’s all in fun.

  10. This is bullshit! I can’t believe Pa drivers think that they are better then us. Our fat governor will come and kick that Corbiit.

    1. Same here… I lived in NJ and now PA. They both have the idiot drivers that camp out in the left lane. That ticks me off. However, I’d say PA drivers are more courteous though. The tests?
      1) See what happens in both states if you wait more than 1 second after the light turns green.
      2) Traffic stopped in front of a side street…who will let you in more often? PA or NJ?
      3) Merge onto the hwy, will they move over in NJ? NOPE!

  11. Ya’ll are dumb. There’s shitty drivers everywhere; it doesn’t matter where you’re from. I live in NJ and deal with people from NJ doing the same thing you say people from PA. How could living in a certain state affect how you drive? GTFO

    1. Oh no it’s true Jersey drivers are the worst, I have been all over the country and Jersey is definitely the worst overall…

      1. James, then you obviously have never been to Florida, especially down by Disney and Universal. Go down there, and then let’s see the comparison. I’ve driven in NJ, and down in FL. FL is FAR WORSE!!! All the inconsideration and none of the brains… from EVERY state!!! lol

  12. How is this even alright? Not all jersey drivers are bad, and banning them from the roadways? That’s slightly immature on the government’s part, and extremely selfish as well.

  13. I live in pa and this law is bullshit so many jersey people commute for work and thats messed up. Jersey driver has never cut me off and thats probably cause im a fast driver, I say forget about it, to pa drivers will that really ruin your day if someone cuts you off. This law sucks, we all live in america and to ban another american from driving in another state jus because he or she is from jersey is beyond fucked up. It sucks for the jersey drivers who arent reckless on the road and not to mention it doesnt matter what state your from, everywhere has someone who is gonna cut you off. My own post is pointless to me because this is a ridiculous arguement I just have nothing better to do tonight. For the record I lived in pa almost all my life and I got nothing against jersey fuck this law and fuck whoever thinks its a good idea to ban american residents from american highways.

  14. How about NJ banning all those shitty PA drivers that cause the majority of our accidents!!!

  15. I live in Scranton pa I live next to The Scranton university. Most of the students are New Jersey residents. I can honestly they can’t drive a car or cross a street properly

  16. It’s pa drivers that are the reckless ones, morons can do 150 in a straight line but slow down to 10 for a simple turn, and not to mention run every light in jersey, I say bam them from driving here! Make jersey safer

  17. PA, Jersey, Texas, etc.. it doesn’t matter where you live, there’s always going to be a bunch of people who don’t drive how their supposed to/who don’t know how to drive.

  18. I know it’s fake but, that gun law part is kinda silly considering I just bought an AR-15. Only real law that sucks is 15 round magazine at the most and that’s not even that bad.

  19. How is this even remotely possible. Us here in New Jersey travel outside and to travel to another state on the west coast we have to drive through pa and what are you going to do fine me every time you see me for 5 straight hours I think this is outrageous. I don’t think this was too good to put out there pa is in for a rude awakening

  20. Pennsylvania drivers seem to drive like they’re looking for an address. And whenever I get stuck behind some slow-moving doofus in THE PASSING LANE (there’s no such thing as “the fast lane”) it always seems like they’ve got a Pennsylvania plate on their car.

  21. I’ll gladly stay out of PA if PA drivers will get the hell out of the left lane going 5mph below the speed limit.

  22. This article is backwards, Pa Drivers are the worst. There’s a speed limit or a reason assholes

    1. yeah dipshit, a speed LIMIT–which means you dipshits from shithole Jersey aren’t entitled to go 30 mph over the LIMIT, or tailgate me because you assholes think that you need to speed even faster than I already am.

  23. i think this is bull crap !!! new jersey people always stop for pedestrians . when i go to PA the drivers never stop for anyone that is in the crosswalk. I am from PA originally and the drivers there are worse then the divers in jersey…

  24. “New Jersey folks have the license plates on the front of their cars. I always tell people to check before you just run out on the crosswalk.” It seems to me that Pennsylvanians should be banned from walking. They don’t look before crossing the street. NJ will stop buying goods from Pa and they can find out what a real ban looks like.

  25. Recently had a crash in northern NJ. Pa driver taking an off ramp from 80W to 15N. Never slowed down and drove into the back of a tanker trailer truck. Dead on impact. NJ had to clean up the mess.

  26. Listen Joe Chupp, I’ve seen a lot of stupid New Jersey drivers that didn’t get over for me when I was driving truck through New Jersey. I always had a New Jersey driver trying to cut me off, or ruin me off the road. So you don’t have any right to talk against PA drivers.

  27. Is this a joke. Your telling me that because I’m a nj resident I drive like an ass hole? Look at my driving record, I do the speed limit and abide by the laws. Every state hates out of state drivers. Ik so many ppl from pa that drive like jerks in Jersey should we ban them. You know how many people’s jobs would be affected if we did? I think this is a joke look at how many family’s jobs you are affecting think of the consequences our economy already sucks we don’t need any more ppl being fined loosing jobs not being able to support their family’s. Also your telling me now I can’t go visit my older sister my nieces n nephews because I’m from nj and right around the holiday season that’s just heartless. I think that every state has bad drivers take their licence don’t ban the rest because I’m pretty sure if we did that to pa they would be screwed n suit two.

  28. Still laughing! Thanks for for making it worth while to turn on the computer today! I’m getting even more of a kick out of all of the comments posted. Those who can’t take a joke, please remove the plug/battery from you internet capable device and swallow it because you have officially lost your web surfing licence. True fact, dude. I’m the Internet Police and I’m here for you! Also, there is a new Federal mandate on the level of stupidity allowed. Please be aware that if you do not meet the requirements of this law you may be sniped at any time. Thank you for your cooperation in these matters and have a holly, jolly holiday! ~ Love always, A French Model.

  29. OMG people, are you really this STUPID, this is a JOKE, unreal, and while you’re at it, stop voting Republican, it must be all you idiots that think this is true that also vote Republican, LOL, thanks for the good laugh.

  30. After reading most of these comments I have to say, clearly most people are idiots. I knew this was a joke as soon as I read the headline. Are people really this stupid to read the whole article and still believe it? I weep for the American public.

    1. Hmmm..I’m not really sure if people are posting outrageous comments pretending to be infuriated or if they are really dumb enough to believe this…I thought it was an excellent article

  31. First of all its fake, get past it, secondly i live in pa AND work in nj everyday i cross tacony palmyra bridge 2 to 3 Times a day n hv bn for years. So truth be told Nj drivers blow AND so do Pa, im sry nj but u guys r just freakin clueless with ur retarded ass jug handles cause yous cant mk a damn left normally n pa yous are Disgustingly Rude! Cutting ppl out or not knowing where the hell ur going but sitting in left lane while looking, so in conclusion we(pa) n u (nj) both hv our downfalls. So get over yourselves!!

  32. None of you will appreciate NJ or PA drivers and how great both are until you drive in crap hole Colorado.

  33. What’s point than ban everyone out of each other’s state!!! I live right near philly, I can’t tell you how many time a pa driver has a. Been in the passing lane one rt 1 driving 40 miles per hour among other states. B. been cut off by a pa driver on rt 1 parkway turnpike ect. So let’s ban pa drivers from nj and see how they feel, they commute here for jobs to!!! not to mention I think this is bullshit because ANYONE AND EVERYONE CAN CAUSE AN ACCIDENT NO MATTER WHAT STATE YOUR FROM DUMB ASSES!

  34. We in nj feel that pa driver not only ride the left lane and cut everyone off we think that u all are in the Pennsylvania 500 and not our fault u guys thought it was cheaper to live there but work in nj. You guys cause a much higher rate of accidents than we

  35. first off i didnt realize that we were all NASCAR drivers. there no reason so be speeding like maniacs. slow down save a life. and clearly this isnt real. grow up share the road and slow the hell down follow the rules again we are not nascar. think of it as your kid in that slow car in front of you and your riding on their tail trying to intimidate them, they are gonna end up wrecking worried about looking in the mirror making sure you dont hit them. have some respect everyone

    1. Agreed, thank you! It’s even better when the tailgating speeders are talking on the phone for miles at a time–I’m sure it’s a really important call though, and that they’re driving someplace really important that entitles them to drive like reckless assholes.

  36. wow! its a fake article people holy shit! so its really nice to see people turn against other people. goes to show that people will believe anything. there are bad drivers in every state! so shut the fuck up!

  37. You all suck at driving and dont worry pa is rasing the speed limit to 80 on major highways then we will see who the slow ones are new Jersey cough couugh**

  38. There are good and bad drivers everywhere. The fact that people are willing to generalize and discriminate against drivers they have a particular license plate is despicable. Obviously this is a fake article but just look at some of these comments. Just awful, grow up people.

  39. If Jersey drivers are so wonderful why are your Auto insurance rates through the roof.???…It’s because you SUCK……lol….You don’t drive in your lane, you drive in the middle of the road, you don’t use turn signals as if they are an option on your car or you use your left turn signal to turn right…and you’re just terrible drivers just ask the insurance companies… insurance agent said to me about two years ago that Jersey drivers are the worst in the country…

  40. I’m sorry to say but we should not blame a state for stupid ass people that can’t drive.guess what their are reckless stupid drivers in every fucking state!!so should we ban everyone in every state which then would force people to stay in their own state and not giving them the freedom to visit their relatives or find better career opportunities!!! I say this is down right ignorant.

  41. People. Hear me out. .you all complain about your drivers. .yall have it easy. .wanna see baddrivers.come down to floriduh. We get all the idiots from all 50 state’s. .and Cuba. And all the old farts, trash driving cars that should not even been on the road. .trust me. .count your blessing s you are not living in Florida

  42. So, now I have to tell my 80+ year old in- laws that we can’t see them anymore because of this ridiculous law. And what about all the college students from NJ who go to school out there. I don’t think this is very thought out.

  43. I didn’t realize that the insurance companies lowered their rates because of this new law. If it is that bad then I would say the the people in New Jersey should take the Pa drivers test and get an exempt license to work in Pa without a problem. Also if they are responsible for an accident then they need to double the fine.

  44. “God says:
    December 14, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    26% of the population of PA believed this article to be real.”

    Well, >10% of the population of PA over 21 legally carry a loaded gun on their person in the car. PA SP Data:

    You idiots from Jersey should restrict your travels to MD and NYC, you have no idea what America is like.

  45. I’m sorry but the whole PA vs. NJ thing is really stupid okay? It doesn’t matter where you’re from everyone can’t drive. There’s no arguing it. And this is the reason that I get so freaked out behind the wheel and don’t want to start driving because people are so flipping stupid can’t follow the laws or have patience or can’t be courteous. Common sense come on! And if a state bans out of staters than take a fricking bus, train, or even a taxis to work or whatever. Always talking on the phone/texting pisses me off more than anything, but that’s another thing.

  46. THIS is so fucking stupid are you kidding me? why is the governor so butthurt about people from new jersey? Sounds really childish and stupid…Like now we can never drive through PA? Good its a FUCKING SHIT HOLE ANYWAY

    1. Sam, hun I am sorry this upset you but this is a spoof. It is not real. This is showing how silly it is that two states fight.

  47. You people have NO IDEA what it’s like to drive w/bad drivers, until you come to Atlanta-most notorious drivers in the US!!

  48. I think this is rediculous. Not everyone in NJ is a bad driver. I commute to school and I have to take the highway all the time. The only drivers that cut me off are the Philly drivers. How would PA drivers like it of we banned them from NJ? You’re just stereotyping us now.

    1. How is this constitutional? I’m from PA and I think its crazy. What about when we drive to the jersey shore every summer, we don’t contribute to their accident rate? air pollution? Overcrowding at grocery stores? Litter the beaches? This is ridiculous. Sounds like the government is trying to play big brother a bit too much. Just my opinion.

  49. PA drivers are the worst I have ever seen. I drive 195 and 295/ NJ Turnpike Everyday coming from south jersey and PA drivers are the most oblivious people I have ever seen on the road. I rather drive with people from NY. The left lane is for passing in NJ not for going 5 under the speed limit….

  50. Wow. You are all fucking idiots this is clearly not real…nice work jackass… Cause it’s so hard to search on google if this is real or not.

  51. omg this is so uncalled for this joke will cause so many problems.i was born and raised all but six years of my life nj moved to pa when I was daughter granddaughter,mother and a lot of family still live there I pray to god in my travels to go visit my family someone doesn’t get road rage or do something stupid because I have pa plates who ever thought up this stupid prank didn’t really think it through a good driver drives good a bad driver cant drive its not the plate that drives the car its the person so on that note please remember people love there family members don’t do stupid shit that could hurt others because just because of the plate the driver might just be from there state.

  52. This shit is funny as hell good job Josh, but we here in NJ have more guns and better gun laws and can take you, plus our governor can eat your governor

  53. I dont see how this can be true. Considering people have to get to their jobs and families. I must admit, being from Jersey, we are all in a hurry, no one uses their damn blinkers, and no one stops for pedestrians BUT, I also must admit that we are not all bad drivers. If every state put a “ban” on drivers from other states, then no one would be able to go anywhere. Thats why I don’t believe this article until I do further research..

  54. u kno what they say about pa drivers when its snowing and icey out when other drivers from other states say oh shit its snowing pa drivers say hold my beer and watch this shit… Lmao…

  55. Pa and nj driver. Need to come to a conclusion. Either pa stay in pa.and nj stay in nj.each state should work within their state. And we won’t have this problem.also live within your district.

  56. Omg it’s fake reread the article it’s a joke…and anyone from pa or nj who believes this should pack up their belongings and move to either Florida or Texas.

  57. Wow, I lived in both states. We both suck at driving! But nothing compares to Connecticut drivers or Maryland. And I wish states could actually do this cause I would ban Canadians coming down from the summer!

  58. Wow. Lol! All of you people who are up in arms over this fake article is rather humorous. I have traveled all over the United States and there are terrible drivers everywhere. Drivers are just people…and people? Well people are just plain stupid these days. (Idiocracy explains it perfectly!)

  59. this is some bs hahahaha because everyone drives like a-holes both PA and NJ drivers and since I have lived in both states enough of my life to know they are all screwed up and this law just proves what a-hats run our states I dare them f’ers to fine me for driving in sucky PA with my new NJ drivers license and I will tell them to shove it right back up their rooty tooty fresh and fruitys

  60. I love how all you ignorant pa people keep bashing us for not pumping our own gas when not only dose having a gas station attendant boost our economy by providing a multitude of jobs but it also decreases the number of gas station related accidents bc u dumb ass pa people who forget to put their car in park b4 hopping out to go pay for ur gas…. sits back and watches ur car unattended slowly roll into oncoming traffic hahaha pa sucks inbred sister loving jackasses

  61. Uh BULLSHIT then you PA drivers stay out of Jersey! You need our parkway to get to the “Jersey Shore” or the AC Turnpike to get to Atlantic City so buh-bye!!

  62. So, instead of making a Putitan to improve the drivers Ed corse, you choose to take that route. A route that hurts the economy of both states. I’m a NewYork driver who lives in pa now, and I have seen some pretty dumb PA drivers as well. Who says governors can’t make bad decisions. Governor Corbitt should concentrate more on how to increase PA’s economy and how to keep us flourishing instead of topics that will win kool points with PA. (My opinion of corse).

    1. What’s a Putitan? Is that when Puritans put potatoes over their tits to tan? Or when a NFL punter goes golfing with a politician and putts?

  63. I got a great idea. All of you PA drivers stay out of new Jersey. You people are slow. Also the reason why are police pull you cock suckers over is because you don’t belong here. So stay the fuck out. All you do is talk shit. How about say shit to are face. Ill be waiting for who ever got balls. Us rednecks hate city boy think there trucks can do better. Lol. If you can’t drive on the road you can’t drive in our woods. So stay the fuck out.

  64. Hahaha! Props to whoever wrote this. Nothing like a good piece of satire to stir people up 😀

    In other news, the world is considering a law banning NJ citizens from the internet. Because read this comment section :O

  65. Waoh hold the fuck up gov asshole we choose not to plump our own gas because we simply can nd i kno for sure if u pa residents didn’t have to especially in the ass crack of winter you would be happy af… im done

  66. Uh, guys? Internet rule #1: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is 🙁
    But heck, props to whoever wrote this. This comment section is your trophy.

  67. You idiots…Most of the people posting here are the same fools that voted for Obama. You can’t be dumb enough to think this is real!!!! Oh, you probably voted for Obama, so definitely dumb enough.

  68. You know what’s going to happen here?
    NJ and possibly other states will retaliate. PA. residents won’t be allowed to drivein NJ., NY…ect. Can PA. drivers afford to pay $1500.00 if caught out of state.
    I agree that NJ drivers suck, but there has to be a better way

  69. I apologize to all of you who reside in Pennsylvania. We residents of New Jersey and the greater NYC Metropolitan Area live our lives in a pace far greater than yours thus we lack patience at times. In our localities we are required to remain in an urgent state of mind, rushing to and fro.

    Please understand we are nice people but it becomes hard when the entire state of Pennsylvania is working in slow motion, I would urge the government of that respected state to issue Adderall prescriptions to all residents. This will truly increase the pace of Pennsylvania residents and also decrease the unfortunate events between NJ and PA drivers.

  70. I love how everyone is commenting on this like it’s real. Look up interstate commerce clause fucknuts. If you even knew anything about basic law you would know state legislation can never overturn already presiding federal laws and regulations.

  71. Seriously … Come on people it’s fake .., think about it if this was real, which clearly it isn’t, what would pa do with it’s residents who moved from nj and got their license there… And just reading how these two neighboring states drive horrible well no shit your driving in a new area where you have no clue where the fuck your going…. yes when I see someone from nj driving around I am cautious not because I think they drive badly it’s because I know how I am in a new place … So people take a step back and stop believing in everything you read online … Sincerely a concerned American citizen

  72. It’s true… NJ drivers are the worst! As a law enforcement officer I’ve seen my fair share of wreckless and careless driving with the most ridiculous excuses. HOWEVER! I myself am a NJ resident …. In my late 20’s… Haven’t gotten into an accident since I was 17…. The only family I have left live in Allentown… Which I literally just spent my Thanksgiving… So now I cannot visit them because if this law? I can’t travel across our so called UNITED States because of a ban on all NJ drivers????…I can’t take my family to see the Liberty Bell?… A great American symbol if our freedom. I’ll be the first to admit stereotypes due in fact stem from somewhere… I myself get cut off at times… WHILE AT WORK!!! But to ban NJ driver in entering or operating a motor vehicle in the state of PA is wrong. So if the tables were turned…I’d be a lot harder for PA residents to go into NYC and see Times Square, The Freedom Towers, or enjoy a nice day in Central Park with out using the bridges and tunnels if the NY/NJ Port Authority… This law is ignorant…. That is all…

    1. The article is a joke. If you claim to be in law enforcement, you should have been smart enough to figure that out.

  73. I believe what a lot of you people are forgetting IS THAT Eastern PA is loaded with New Yorkers who have moved to PA and they now commute back and forth to NY every day which means they are traveling THROUGH NJ with PA plates on their cars. SO while it might appear as there people are PA drivers they are in actuality NY drivers. Very few native Pennsylvanians are commuting to NY, most of all work in PA and we are not fond of long commutes. So you Jersey people are actually dealing with NY drivers NOT Native PA drivers. Another complaint I heard was PA drivers seem to be driving as if they are trying to find a place. Once again it’s probably at New Yorker who moved to PA, yes they are not familiar with PA and they drive that way. NY transplants are a pain to us Pennsylvanians too, they are the worst but you NJ drivers aren’t that wonderful either to be driving around. I lived in both states and while NJ has a better road system the drivers aren’t better drivers. The fact that the cost of auto insurance in NJ is twice the amount of PA should settle that argument, And yes I do know of a couple of NJ people who claim their residence is in PA just so they save a bundle on their auto insurance.

  74. You all do know that that picture in this article is a NJ driver attempting to get a good parking spot at a shopping mall…

  75. Wouldnt it be better to incorporate city driving and whatever laws PA requires to drive on their highways in New Jersey drivers ed classes? Because making a law about it seems discriminatory, we are all the same country and this will only tear us apart.

  76. Well the answer to this is simple fuck the asshole who made this law and fuck pennsylvania now maybe its time jersey bans pa drivers from our state lets see how you assholes like a taste of your own medicine

  77. From a PA driver to other PA drivers. You all do go 5 mph under the speed limit. Why? Go the speed limit it wont kill you and who follows traffic laws anyway? I dont got time to be going slow so get out of our way!

    1. He’s not a journalist, he’s a comedy writer. You realize the whole article is a joke, right?

  78. It’s obvious you tu-ped Joisey drivers can’t figure this one out…we PA drivers have been doing these antics (all the negative things you’ve been saying we do) in an effort to rid our Commonwealth of you vermin. And you know what? It’s working. The Atlantic Ocean, and the Delaware and Hudson Rivers were put there for a reason! Get it?

  79. When asked about the possibility of violence, Gov. Tom Corbitt just laughed. “Those liberals? They have so many gun laws they aren’t even American. We have more guns. We can take them.” He summed it up by saying, “Those wackers can’t even pump their own gas.”


    It’s true though; we’ll shoot the shit out of you, New Jerzistan.

  80. Omg everyone stfu. No matter what state you live in someone is going to think you can’t drive..grow up, this isn’t real you can’t ban americans driving into their own american soil. That’s the problem with this country we have all this freedom and all we do is bash each other. Seriously just shut up and move on with your lives people.

  81. To bad this is fake and drivers from both state suck lived in nj been to pa seen both drivers suck now not all ppl but most all of you just don’t know how to drive that’s all leave it at that

  82. Here is an idea. Why not make the PA driving test an actual TEST instead of a practice run around a parking lot so these idiots learn to actually DRIVE. PA drivers are some of the most HORRIBLE drivers possibly on the planet. I am from NY and lived in NJ for many years. Moved to PA about 8 years ago and even with significantly LESS traffic, driving to and from my home is extremely stressful with idiots either driving 10 miles below the speed limit, not knowing how to use a freaking turn signal, standing at a stop sign for approximately 2 minutes, with no oncoming traffic in EITHER direction and dont even get me started with parking. I thought the lines in larking lots were meant for cars to park in between. APPARENTLY NOT IN PA. So instead of ruling against out of state drivers, how about having more aggressive driving tests, and more aggressive DUI was considering there is a bar on every other corner and apparently drunk driving is encouraged rather than prevented in this god forsaken state. Maybe then this state would have less accidents and teen deaths. My daughter is BANNED from getting her license in this moronic state. I am taking her to New Jersey for her driving lessons and driving test. At least there they teach you how to drive and actually make sure you know HOW to drive before letting you loose on society.

  83. I’ll be honest, I grew up a new Jersey driver than I moved to Pennsylvania. I can honestly say with perfect certainty that Pa drives are exuberantly better! I drive down 295 about twice a week, and being an organ Jersey driver, I do not drive slow by any means. But it is hard to go more than 5mph above the speed limit without being pulled over in that dumb state. Where as I Pa I can drive hours without even seeing a police officer on the highway. When driving I jersey even if I’m going 75-80 people will still tailgate me when I’m in the middle Lane! It’s crazy, and it is true most of the time when I am in Pa and someone is holding up traffic I will say, must be a jersey driver and sure enough it usually is.

  84. As someone who recently moved to the Lehigh Valley (basically ground zero for bad driving) I feel I have an unbiased accessment of the problem. There are really 5 different types of drivers. It’s not just PA vs. NJ. I’ll go from least to worst annoying. Suburban PA drivers know the laws, they’ve done a lot of driving in rural settings and cities alike, they are aware of what the left lane is for and they get out of the way of crazy motorists all the while going 5-10mph over the speed limit in good weather. They also use their turn signals and high beams (there are tons of deer here) appropriately! Rural PA/NJ drivers are slow and sometimes annoyingly curtious (they’ll wave you to go first at a stop sign even when they beat you to it or have the right-a-way.) As they get older they tend to lose the concept of the left lane, but you can usually find a way to pass them eventually. New York City drivers are predictable but dangerous, they go as fast as possible regardless of weather or construction. However, a simple trip to the right lane will have them pass you quickly and you’ll never see them again. This can be a problem if you have no way to get over. Philly drivers are the worst PA drivers In the state. They don’t give a fuck because that’s pretty much the philly attitude. They make up their own rules, never signal and focus forward like there’s no one else’s life on the line. Then there’s your typical city Jersey driver. They seem to have a manual on how to be the biggest pain in the ass they can be. They’ll “merge” right at your infant baby in the backseat, they’ll change speeds or lanes at the drop of a dime. They speed when it’s unsafe or drive slow and swerve while they are on their cell phones. Then, when they make an almost grave mistake, they flick you off for going the speed limit in a torrential downpore. It’s bad enough you guys can’t drive but then you have the nerve to call us out for being the problem. There’s a reason there are those weird clover turns in your state, no one trust you make a left hand turn! Or pump your gas! And you know what the worst part is… We have to pay to leave your fucking state!

    1. Except your wrong we don’t drive all over the road. I don’t I stay I pretty much well 2 lanes if you are part of rural or suburban NJ you are far better than any other driver.

  85. Lmao the article is fake but it is nice to see all of you make an ass out of both parties involved

  86. I’m sure this is fake, but if not it’s the dumbest thing I have seen in a while. I’m from PA and have no problem with other people driving in my state. As long as I know how to drive defensively, other drivers can do what they please. NJ is not the only state with idiot drivers. There are idiots in every state. Every country! When people understand that and start to pay attention when they drive, the world might become a better place. And I don’t mean go slow. I’m almost 5-10 over the limit depending on the weather. Just learning how to control your car in every situation is a useful tool.

  87. This is the most stupid article I have ever read. I’m from PA and it’s not just New Jersey drivers, I’ve seen more PA drivers act like complete morons. For example speeding to pass someone and then slamming on brakes causing an accident because the vehicles in front are stopped. People are always in a hurry in PA. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen accidents on rt 41 and rt 30 and yes all were drivers from PA. So before we are quick to pass a law banning other state drivers from driving in PA, we should look at ourselves. And besides, aren’t there other problems our governor should be more focused on?? I mean seriously?

  88. Ok. We can play this game. Stay the hell in PA away from our beaches and malls. Christie, get on this. Get the PA drivers off of our beach highways and let the Shoobies find another place to clog up in the summer.

    1. You can keep your shitty trash filled beaches. The seaside boardwalk burning to the ground was a godsend for that place, it can only maybe hopefully get better from here on out.

    2. that’s right, we have plenty of places to ski….and that’s all PA is good for…..stay off our parkway and turnpike in the summer and go to your own beach…oh yeah that’s right, you don’t have any…….

    3. Calm down guys…this article is a joke…a figment of someone’s imagination…it doesn’t matter where you’re from…any state has terrible drivers. I’m from Pa. and I get honked at and yelled at when I drive in Jersey…that’s life.

  89. Clearly a childish response for Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, Delaware and NJ doing the same thing to Pennies.

  90. look this is bullshit all you ppl arguing jus go drive and one I mean on really good point I have on November 4th I was struck by a pennsy driver being a simple ass on her cellphone and not watchin what she was doin and the woman totaled my car messed up my neck my knee and my already bad back even more than it was I now have problem ballencing so for u arrogant assholes who say nj drivers are not safe I am suing a p.a driver for what your accusing nj of and infact this law is a bit segratorial and can be taken as harassment by a state so fuck around pa but I doubt this is real or a new law at all but just incase it is read this all day long and laugh at the morons and as proof segregation is any separation of people by were there from all the way to color or ethnicity so pa please fine me on ur highway LMMFAO

  91. Ladies and gentleman news flash. It doesn’t matter where you are from PA, NJ, CA or FL. There are ignorant and impatient people everywhere you go who feel like they are slick and above the law. Sooner or later it will catch up to them whether they get in a car crash or a loved one gets involved In a god forbid fatal accident or they get fined. This country is crap the worlds crap. Nothing is ever going to change. People will continue to give two shits of the safety of people around them and themselves by speeding and driving aggressively but it’s their choice. So for those who drive safety and who care of their own health as well as others they power to you. It’s up to you all to set an example for the irresponsible drivers out there.

  92. is this a joke or something. It’s fine with me, I wouldn’t go to PA except to watch it burn……..

  93. lol… you are all morons… anyone commenting on this thinking this is for real. good job on making both states look bad. cant believe this gained so much traction in 3 days… nice job to the author. hilarious.

  94. I live in pa, I drive truck and get a lot of people from different states that drive like jerks, but the ones that are the worst are nj drivers sorry folks. I especially love it when I’m following the signs in construction areas for instance rt 33 the signs clearly state “TRUCKS AND BUSES LEFT LANE ONLY” 50mph I might add, and I get people from nj flipping the high beams and honking THIER horns because I’m in the hammer lane. Most of the time they are so close to my lift gate on the rear of my truck that the only way I know they are there is because of my rear view backup cam on the back of my truck. It’s pretty sad I have to leave it on all the time just to be safe as to not to get into an accident with other idiot drivers.

  95. Wow! You people get so mad over the dumbest things. Who the hell cares. Driving in all states is crazy! And yes, maybe NJ does have a higher rate in causing accidents but it’s because NJ is the highest populated state in the US…so obviously there would be more accidents..duh! However, that does not mean that NJ drivers are worse then any other state drivers. I say if you can’t stand being behind some idiot slow driver, then freaking pass them up…easy as that! And if your the one being impulsive driving behind someone slow, then chances are that your most likely to be the one causing an accident. Quit complaining over stupid shit. It’s not even worth it! And if you really hate other drivers, stop freaking driving then! Take a damn bus!

  96. PA does suck. No reason to come here.

    So please stay in your little communist toilet and stay out of America. We need to boot jersey out of these United States.

  97. people from Jersey suffer from that “Napoleon Complex” when it comes to PA. Rosanna Danna Danna on the old SNL would certainly side with the poor people in PA that have to deal with Jersey drivers. A car can be a weapon and we all know just how reckless people in Jesrsey are when it comes to weapons; so much so that they have very strict gun laws and the state makes a concerted effort to take guns away from the people in NJ simply because of their recklessness…

  98. I lived in jersey for 30 years. I told people jersey was not what they thought it was. It was not all garbage dumps and chemical plants. It had the largest forest from Massachusetts to Virginia. 1/3 of it is farmland.

    Well, all of that is true. But I missed a much more important truth. It’s a toilet. It’s a communist toilet filled with worthless sheep that produce nothing except a cancer on the armpit of America.

    These two truths may seem at odds but they are not. The solution is very simple. There is nothing wrong with jersey that couldn’t be fixed with seven neutron bombs.

    Pennsylvania: America Starts Here


    Or, as Southpark put it:

  99. Funny, in Jersey, we’d say PA drivers are the ones to worry about. If I had a dime for every time I’ve witnessed out right stupidity while driving and it be some dipshit PA tourist “down the shore” for the week, I’d probably literally be a millionaire. Its the idiots with the license, not the state in which they come from. How can you just ban ALL NJ drivers from your state? Say good bye to all that toll revenue, and people’s taxes. Sounds like the Governor is fucking moron.

  100. This is crazy…..My son lives in NJ. Does this mean he can never come see me? All you haters of NJ need to stop whining. I lived in N.J. most of my life and moved to Pa. 3 years ago…… and all you haters who are bashing NJ need to get a damn life. When is the hate in this world going to stop. I think the Gov of Pa. is nuts for this. People from NJ work in Pa. Should they lose their jobs because of a stupid law?

  101. All the bad driving blamed on Jersey is due to the former PA residents who moved here because it’s more affordable and they can still commute to PA for work. I lived in Philly for 10 years and moved back to south Jersey and I was suddenly the aggressive driver. I picked up all the bad driving habits from my time in PA because I didn’t want to get hit or rammed into for actually doing the speed limit or following the laws of the road. When I first moved to Philly, I was petrified to drive 95 or the Boulevard… Thanking God I’m back home and can enjoy taking a Sunday drive on some quiet country back roads…

  102. How is it that New Yorkers got out of this “conversation” unscathed? When we lived in the Poconos we would be passing a traffic jam headed the other way on roads like 209 and would read the license plates “Jersey, jersey, NY,NY, PA, Jersey,Jersey, PA…” They invaded the area and made it unlivable and were entirely aggressive people AND drivers. The classic Jersey driver would blow by you on the right at 90 mph and then slow down to 55 right in front of you. Oy!

  103. I am from Pennsylvania and I dont believe stereotyping everyone from New Jersey and Pennsylvania into two groups is appropriate when everybody is their own individual person and shouldn’t be stereotyped at all.

  104. How about the pa residents stay in pa don’t come here in the summer for are beaches don’t come to atlantic city.we dont need you here we have assholes from new york on the roads we don’t need anymore assholes who even goes to Pennsylvania besides going to Lancaster or to Philly but there’s why would a more people from Pennsylvania who come to New Jersey for greater adventure Atlantic City and are need us more then we need you!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We have our own casinos now you drooling moron! Enjoy your transvestite hookers in AC!

  105. All you people are ridiculous in my book all of you drive bad . I drive tractor trailer in all states and seen the worst accidents in nj, ct , ny, ga and you know why because you people drive to fast and it doesn’t even matter what the weather condition is. by the way for the record it was a nj truck driver that cut me off he didn’t use the rest of a rest area ramp before jumping on a 65 mph highway he was doing 20 mph and cut me off destroying my tractor and putting me in the hospital under critical condition and I did my best to avoid hitting him. drove a tractor trailer for 11 yrs before that with no accidents just a dumbass who wasnt paying attention to traffic which I see alot of. I will never drive truck again thanks to that ass because of the tragedy of the accident I was almost killed thanks to him i woke up surrounded by flames got out just before the truck was completely engulfed in flames. I lost everything I had now you idiots talking about driving fast think about other people on the roads and there families before you act like an asshole and that goes for all states. BTW this article is fake you fucktards. Learn to read before flipping your tops just goes to show that a lot of you need better education and driving lessons. I’m a firm believer that all states should require everyone to retake there driving tests every 5-10 yrs especially the elderly because after about 55 or so you start to lose your concentration and hand eye coordination possibly even raise the driving age to 18-20 because a lot of kids think they can do what the fast and the furious do and its cool. So stop pointing fingers at states its in all states some are definitely worse than others but its everywhere. down south have to be the most courteous drivers i have ever seen.Also you idiots that pass a tractor trailer on the right are you really that stupid because we can’t see you passing us there at a certain point and you don’t even give us a chance to get over in the right lane we try to be courteous and give enough room to get over without cutting people off but you asses pass us just when we get a chance to get over. oh and for the idiots who think because we are bigger and have bigger brakes and think we can stop faster are you morons did you ever consider how much weight we are hauling ? we can weigh up to 80,000 pds and carry a load of 45,000 you think that’s gonna stop on a dime ? duhhhhhhhhhhhh and all you people are bitching try driving a tractor trailer with all you idiots out here. geesh
    there I feel better now well a little anyway still healing from accident from an idiot.

  106. Oh for Pete’s sake!! It’s all in fun!!! Stop being so sensitive. My bf is from Jersey, I am pa, we joke about each others driving all the time….Don’t get me REALLY started!!!

  107. HaHaHa PA drivers are pathetic, you know how many times i drove you fuckers into a ditch, seriously it kinda became a game…

  108. I grew up in jersey lived in pa now in Florida Florida has the worst drivers i see accident on i95 everyday even see cars on fire

  109. And if u didn’t know south Florida is full of nj pa ma and NY drivers so j guess that’s what u get when you mix all three states together

  110. Man, i hope this is real. Me and my grandmother drive in Nj ALOT (We’re from PA, Have relatives in NJ) and we’ve been in a shitload of mishaps from retarded New Jersey drivers, either in a rush for no reason or acting like others around them don’t exist. Most of the time, Assholes do that just to PURPOSELY piss people off. We’ve been cut off MANY times by Middle-aged women in a rush. All i can say is that Jersey drivers need to learn how to calm down and drive right or get the fuck off the road. (And you Madass Jerseyians can comment negative thinks as MUCH as you want.)

  111. O please!! I’m from Jersey, and when I have to go to Pa, I literally want to kill myself! You people ride in the left lane, and refuse to get over, why? Because your ignorant idiots that couldn’t drive a vehicle if your lives depended on it, well, unless it was a childs big wheel! I have been driving for 18 years, and have never had an accident! I can honestly say EVERY TIME I drive in Pa, it’s the same old shit, yoU refuse to get out of the left lane, its rude, period!! Why is it that I have family that visit and come through Pa, they say you suck as well, so what’s the excuse now?

  112. Hey pa guys…I bang all Ur girlfriends when u come here on vacation because u get absolutely whacked n pass out lol she wonders off alone to the slot machine than the rest is history. Tom Corbitt u really have hay-stacks for brains ,there are thousands of horrible drivers in every state ,your only hurting the ppl WHO have families and jobs there and WHO are good drivers that have been makeing the commute on a daily basis for years with out a single problem . Ive been a NJ driver resident my whole life not 1 accident

  113. PA drivers should ban themselves. They come to our glorious State and hog up the left lane and do not even have the comon curiousy to move the fu@# out of the fu@#ing way when they know they are holding up traffic.

  114. To the pa drivers who complain about Jersey drivers you need to turn your license in because you guys do not know how to drive . It’s ridiculous . You guys “Sunday drive” 7 days a week . This law is absolute bs . Looks like I’ll never go to that state again . But best believe when I see a Pa driver in nj . You better not be in the fast lane or you will see how real Jersey drivers are


  116. THIS IS A HOAX! DON’T BELIEVE THIS SHIT! I’m a New Jersey resident who thinks this is a rediculous law that cannot and will not get passed. So with some research, this is a “parody” website.

  117. I live in New Jersey and went through life thinking that our drivers were crazy, but then after I lived in Russia for four months…

    Man, those little old men in their headlightless Ladas give a whole new meaning to the word “crazy.”

  118. Not surprised ive been driving in New Jersey for 3 years and I watch retarded drivers do stupid shit all the time. Doesnt mean EVERY NJ driver is horrible. Im only 21 and Ive amazingly got a clean slate for tickets and car accidents with bad drivers everywhere. They should have it where if you have any driving tickets or car accidents on your record then you get fined. But dont jump to conclusions to say every single New Jersey driver is a dumbass when their not. But honestly most of them are.

  119. Wow this is a joke. Can’t believe what the governor’s comments were that fxcker should be shot!

  120. This laws unconstitutional and eventually will be thrown out and that’s even if it’s real…It’s impossible to band the particular state from driving another state at the state level as once you go from from state to state it becomes federal jurisdiction. It’s just why when you go to from Pennsylvania to New Jersey police officer does not have the right to give the Pennsylvania driver a ticket for not having a front license plate. The Pennsylvania economy would crash. Thousands upon thousands of New Jersey residents work in Pennsylvania, if they can’t drive there without being find a so-called $1500 per offense they will not work there anymore. Oh by the way fuck Pennsylvania. You murdering freaks, yeah we see how many guns you have and we see the murders you have as well. I’m all for right to bear arms, but to joke about that you have more guns is ridiculous. Oh by the way doesn’t mean that we don’t have guns just we don’t have the right to a concealed weapons permit. Lol

  121. It’s PROVEN that New Jersey drivers are more statistically prone to accidents due to reckless and careless driving. Are they smarter drivers than PA? Absolutely. NJ drivers are ANNOYING and unnecessarily aggressive but smart drivers. PA drivers are the exact opposite — overly passive.

  122. honestly. nj drivers… theres only one thing that needs to be reminded and it was claimed a fact… if the auto insurance company even agrees nj is the problem by straight facts, then you cannot by any means disagree, the worst part is, you guys go through months of training in order to get your permit and license and are deemed worst drivers, while i, as a pa driver, took not even a week to get my permit anddd license . oh and ive been driving since i was 19 i am now 24 and havent been in a single accident let alone close call. i didnt have the training you did. and neither did almost any other pa driver. you guys have no room to talk about us. sorry that we drive slow, or cautiously becuase we care for our lives and our passangers lives. were not in that much of a rush to get anywhere and chance our lives. but again ill let the auto insurance facts do all the talking 🙂

    1. You do realize this article is a fake article, correct? You go your license at 19? I got mine at 17… 25 now. My only accident was I recently got rear ended by a PA driver. Hah.

  123. To all of you ppl from New Jersey commenting, your state has the most street racing out of any state in the country in fact so much that it was on the news multiple times, which makes your roads unsafe. Honda civics were never meant to be raced, and you guys still have traffic circles that’s just plain retarted

    1. Lol where are you getting your info? South Cali, South Florida, Texas have the most street races. Major cities bruh. LA, Miami, Houston. Look it up.

  124. This isn’t right. I’m not trying to get into a fight with anyone I’m just going to speak my mind. Every person is responsible for themselves ok? It’s not just one state that is at fault. I’m from New Jersey and I know for a fact I don’t drive like I’m all that and a bag of chips.
    Its sad that PA people are being so closed minded about how this makes New Jersey people feel. Have you considered that these people that come to PA driving are just trying to make a living? That they have families to feed? Or just want to visit the state or just visit family?
    What if New Jersey passed a law saying people from PA weren’t allowed to drive here? You’d feel like your rights were taken that its not your fault because you as a person aren’t like that. All I’m saying is this isn’t right and we shouldn’t be fighting with one another. This law is unconstitutional and surely will not stay for long because I will not be the last person to feel this way.

  125. This isn’t right. I’m not trying to get into a fight with anyone I’m just going to speak my mind. Every person is responsible for themselves ok? It’s not just one state that is at fault. I’m from New Jersey and I know for a fact I don’t drive like I’m all that and a bag of chips.
    Its sad that PA people are being so closed minded about how this makes New Jersey people feel. Have you considered that these people that come to PA driving are just trying to make a living? That they have families to feed? Or just want to visit the state or just visit family?
    What if New Jersey passed a law saying people from PA weren’t allowed to drive here? You’d feel like your rights were taken that its not your fault because you as a person aren’t like that. All I’m saying is this isn’t right and we shouldn’t be fighting with one another. This law is unconstitutional and surely will not stay for long because I will not be the last person to feel this way.

  126. I guess we know why jersey auto insurance is the highest in the nation,because you nj drivers SUCK and the ins companies know they will pay a claim in your honor someday,must be the close proximity to the next worst drivers in the WORLD,,,new york,thats right,if it starts off with the word ‘new’ it just really means shitty driver nearby!!!

  127. Okay so now to head south you can’t go through PA, to head west you can’t go through PA and should I want to shop in PA, well I guess our New Jersey dollars will be better spent in New Jersey and all you PA wankers can be in the dog house with your shops closing down due to not having the NJ money. I’m sure that places like Sesame Place and other Amusements in PA will greatly appreciate a large portion of their business being cut by this stupid law. It isn’t New Jersey Drivers that is the issue, its the roads in general. I am a New Jersey Woman and I have driven a car for over 30 years and not once have I had so much as a fender bender. So get real you PA wankers.

  128. New Yorker here (learned to drive in Jersey). You’re both shit drivers…but PA drivers take the cake! You all should just do us a favor and take the train, or move down to Florida with the rest of the nations geriatrics.

    Thanks, a concerned motorist!

    Ps I’m kidding…but I love stirring the pot. 🙂

  129. I think a major thing that a lot of people are missing is that alot of the PA residents that live in the poconos are from NY and NJ anyway, they are just PA residents now. So in my opinion most of the asshole PA drivers that people are talking about are from NY or NJ anyway.


  131. Haha thanks for the entertainment. Reading these comments made me laugh. Internet rage. Haha.

  132. really reason N.J. Is still connected to the US is only because the bridges is holding it in place of pa, take the bridges out then N.J. Would flout away Monroe N.J. Shore it be pa shore.

  133. PA’s always been one of my favorite states. I suppose keeping jersey yuppies away is somewhat of a good idea, though it’s a shame I won’t be visiting my brother anytime soon.

  134. this is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard Pennsylvania drivers are the worst hey go slow in the fast lane they cut people off constantly weaving in and out of trafficwe should ban them from route 80there would be a half about of traffic I’m sure there are more Pennsylvania drivers working in New Jersey then the other way around

  135. This whole thing is six of one and a half dozen the other. And none of either using common sense. If this ban did nothing more it drew attention to both states about their driving habits and how not to ignore the driving laws. I believe both states need to crack down on people breaking the laws of the roads. It’s for your own safety. Everybody courtesy saves lives , speed limits save lives, And I know most people don’t know what this is but common sense saves lives.

  136. Are you people fucking dumb? Do a simple google search to see how fake this article is. Also, coming from a PA driver, NJ and NY drivers are usually so much better, a simple trip on 76,81,322, etc makes me wanna blow my fuckin brains out because none of you fucking idiots EVER MOVE.

  137. This law in itself is discrimination, your pinning drivers from New Jersey as a whole being instead of individual ones. If it was to be a real law the problem would be as soon as someone was issued a ticket and wanted to fight it, it would probably go to the supreme court in eventually deemed unconstitutional.

    1. Hahaha. EXACTLY!^^^I think it’s hilarious people are actually getting so upset and arguing with one another over this. (An article that’s not even real). Who freaking cares. It’s bad enough there are still racists out there and countries that don’t get along…states are now freaking out over who is the better driver and “my state is better than yours!”. As long as you obey the laws of the road we should all be fine. It’s not just about people from PA or NJ….so many ppl dont know how to drive! Any state you go to, the locals will always be mad at the ones who don’t live there bc they dont drive the “right” way…Go to NY…they get mad at you for being too slow. Go to LA…they’re just mad all the time bc of all the traffic. Go to a state that has lots of old ppl…get the point? The one thing in common….PEOPLE JUST LIKE TO COMPLAIN! 🙂 Let’s play nice, children.

  138. This has got to be some kind of Joke….lol . #1 It’s Constitutionally illegal, under the US Constitution, you have a right to freely travel over state lines, Constitutionally you don’t even need a license to do it. And it you were going to ban anyone, It sould be Delaware drivers, as bad as Jersey Drivers are, Delaware drivers are the worst

  139. This has got to be some kind of Joke….lol . #1 It’s Constitutionally illegal, under the US Constitution, you have a right to freely travel over state lines, Constitutionally you don’t even need a license to do it. And it you were going to ban anyone, It should be Delaware drivers, as bad as Jersey Drivers are, Delaware drivers are the worst

  140. how about all the illegals that get a DL in Pennsylvania then come to NJ and cause ungodly amounts of accidents and guess what NEVER have insurance to pay for anything.

    1. PA illegal immigrants drive WAY better then NJ illegal immigrants. Check the census.

  141. First it’s a spoof, second I drive big rigs and both states have a multitude of assclowns that can’t drive!

  142. I think this is stupid and a major Inconvenience to the people who moved from jersey to different parts of pa for work. So what now are Families cant visit us because you felt like banning all new jersey people seriously sounds like abusing power instead of trying to help anything..

  143. whoever says we, Pa drivers, drive like we are looking for an address are just stupid. You guys all coming to HersheyPark are the most idiotic people I ever seen, the sign says 2 miles prior to the exit to get to the theme park stay in this lane to enter hershey park yet you NJ people wait til the last second to try and turn into that exit causing traffic and cutting people off..

  144. Lets ban pa drivers from nj see how they like it more boardwalks and beaches for you bear fucking toothless shitty people

    1. shit steve, we don’t need a ban…your boardwalks SUCK, your beaches SUCK, and so do you…you are just one of many idiots from Jersey who think this is real..GFY.

  145. Pa drivers are the worst drivers by far…they don’t understand what the left lane on a highway means..especially drivers in camrys..this law is absolutely bullshit..pea drivers should be banned from driving in New Jersey indefinitely… All you pa drivers suck!! Why don’t you actually take a real drivers test instead of obtaining one out of a crackerjack box 🙂

  146. There’s no way this can be real. You can’t ban an entire state from entering your state.
    It’s a good idea but come on. No way. What if you live in NJ and work in PA? You can’t cut someone off from their job.

  147. Driving shouldn’t be a contest or something to brag about. No one cares about how fast you drive. People should be aware of and courteous to all other drivers regardless of who’s “worse.” you all suck.

  148. after reading 5 minutes of comments, i think i have actually lost brain cells. 99% of these comments are literally retarded. This is my favorite, by far: “apparently, NJ residents are so idiot because they can’t handle fast and they don’t know to drive right way and they can’t do safe drive with speed. That’s why there are so high rate of accidents.”

  149. im from pa… sad to say. scew the commonwealth of pa, and u nj folk can “fist-bump” urselves. this law is quite dumb. lol i noticed everyone fightng. lol i want in!! to all drivers be safe

  150. Maybe we should all just not drive anymore and walk everywhere or ride horses like back in the day. Wouldn’t THAT be safer??? Bunch of dick heads….. Just drive safer for fucks sake. And don’t be fucking dicks. Honestly, I don’t have my licence and I don’t think I want one because of people like all of you. Btw, I live in NJ, originally from NY so I don’t mind public transportation and I actually like people from PA. Except for giant Phillies fans. You guys are just born assholes. Anyway, everyone just needs to Drive safer. It saves a lot of money and lives. That is all.

  151. Literally every state has good and bad drivers. The only reason i hate driving in PA is because the onramps are extremell short and people stop to get on. But, I dont find a problem with the populations driving in general its just certain individuals that need work. So tired of everyone coming at new jersey for absolutely no reason. If you hate it so much move out of the tristate area and you wont have to deal with it.
    besides the only state that collectively sucks at driving is connecticut.

  152. You all realize this is supposed to be a joke. They cannot legally pass this law. It is your constitutional right to cross state lines. Stop being so damn butt hurt over a stupid ass post. More than likely there is a post about PA drivers, MD drivers etc etc so fucking what get on with yourselves.

  153. Pa has some of the most reckless drivers in the nation. For one they don’t allow to switch lanes because every one is tailgating one another. Not to mention that death road Roosevelt Blvd

  154. All of you are hysterical. I can’t even imagine insulting each other based on their perceived driving skills. Are you going to tell me that people in Warren County, NJ drive the same as people in Newark?!? Are you going to tell me that drivers from Pittsburgh (where the “Pittsburgh Left” is a natural courtesy that one extends to another for the first 2-4 cars at an intersection) drive the same way as in Philly? I am a PA resident from a “border town” and a product of a NJ family. When I was younger I would admit that PA drivers were pretty bad, but that is only because I lived in a more urban area than the areas that I visited in NJ. Since 2000, there have been so many transplants to PA from NJ and NY, that the driving really has gotten worse here in the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos. They may have PA plates, but they are not originally PA drivers! I have never seen so many people “double park” where there isn’t car actually parked. That’s called “stopping in the middle of the street and turning off the engine.” This problem didn’t exist before the mass migration to PA…PA, like NJ is a very diverse state…full of many law-abiding and many rash thinkers…just like in NJ. The only difference is that in PA, it’s really not considered as cool to act like a total buffoon when operating a motor vehicle. That mentality really hasn’t taken off here like it has in NJ. I can’t tell you how many (NJ) students and parents of students we have lost due to reckless driving, and how many lives have been destroyed as a result. It is sad. I know that it happens here in PA, too, but it seems to happen less.

    1. Wow, all of you are retarded, stupid, moronic, simple-minded, and terrible drivers. Most PEOPLE suck at driving especially when a drop or rain touches the ground. Don;t even get me started when it is snowing. I have Lived In NJ and Arizona traveling across the country through many states and people suck ass driving in all of them but the most common license plates of terrible drivers that I see are PA, CT, and FL. Look at the bottom of this site page it clearly says: “This is a parody site. These posts are meant to be humorous and to poke fun at our society. If you are dumb enough to believe them, then heaven help us all.” well looks like we are all fucked because you are all fucking stupid.

  155. If they want to band us from there highways, They should be banned from ours. If we cant go to our JOBS, Then they shouldn’t be able to go to there shore houses. What’s fair is fair..

  156. I’m going to write an angry letter in protest of this law. It’s completely ridiculous. How can they expect to make the highways safer without banning Virginia drivers too?

  157. I find it comical that when it comes to your “home state” people automatically defend themselves and their state as if they are all high and mighty.. We’re all Americans, we all make mistakes, and we all get on accidents at some point. It just do happens that NJ drivers have a higher percentage. I’m from PA, and whenever I go on the highway, (blue route) there’s always these idiots in the left land going 50 to 60.. Ok there’s 4 goddamn lanes move the fuck over If your gonna go that slow. (Pending weather conditions) it’s not just NJ drivers, it’s us to, but at the same time NJ drivers give no fucks. At this point it doesn’t matter. They’ll get a fine eventually and or an accident. One more rant… Ok explain to me, why do people fucking break on the highway in the furthest lane to the left? There’s no exit here, and if you move over a lane then your still NOT in an exit lane!! Like wtf are you breaking for?? Move over and get your old retarded ass off the road. Thank you 🙂

  158. I moved to PA from Long Island NY. I know how to drive. NJ drivers are the worst. Ride my tail on interstate 80 and flash me to move over. Who they hell are you. Don’t you know your speed limits? I was doing 7 miles over the limit. The only bad PA drivers are the Elderly and Teenagers. I don’t think anyone should be banned from driving in any state, but learn how to drive!!

  159. Listen I am currently living in PA but me and my family are originally from New Jersey, and PA is FULL of dumbass people on the road. The Left lane is MEANT for passing, hence the reason it’s also nicknamed “the fast lane” all you dumbass people are doing is fucking up people’s access to their jobs.
    Which in my eyes shows you’re all very selfish and apparently stuck up. You’re definitely not better drivers in PA, not by ANY means. I’ve almost gotten into more accidents in Pennsyltucky then in New Jersey. NJ and NY drivers just live a more fast paced life style. Go to a mall in one of those two states or even just walk around a few cities in those states, PA is a lazier more laid back state and that’s just what it comes down too.
    But agreeing Gary, every single person makes some type of error or mistake in their lives, even while driving. It’s not just one state or another, I also know MANY more people in PA that drive high or drunk or even while texting than I do in NJ.
    And yes Jersey is my “home” state, but I’ve also lived in Florida and Illinois, and I’ve lived in PA for just about 10 years now, so I can rightfully judge the drivers(especially since I’ve almost been pushed off the road on mountains in PA by PA drivers many times)

  160. This is just another case of people saying fuck it its not me i dont care. Letting something go that just seems wrong but finding a way to spin it by demoralizing the opposition. Its the 1st law of its kind for a reason…

  161. All of you are idiots for even commenting on this post its fake you jack @$$es man im from pa and im gana have to say pa nj it doesnt matter there are good and bad drivers everywhere ive been to 39 states and i see the same $hit in every state you have good and bad everywhere. But man you all look like fools arguing like a bunch kids i think you all should take a look in the mirror instead of pointing fingers at everyone well i hope you all dont loose any sleep over this and next time do some reasearch about stuff like this before you make yourselves look like idiots again have a nice holiday and god bless you all cause you all need it.


  162. If they do the same for us New York drivers, how will I get to the Flight 93 crash site?

  163. Is this constitutional? I mean I suppose it since it’s been signed and all, but it’s a bit outlandish.

  164. First of all this is a parody site so let’s not all get our panties in a bunch. Second of all let’s not generalize all NJ drivers as terrible. I live in NJ and the driving is rough because no one knows how to drive but that’s anywhere you go period blank. There will always be shitty drivers.

  165. i love this,,, stay off our roads if you own money,,plain n simple,,, change your gun laws so my carry permit is good in your state and i’ll push pa to let you drive here,,,,lmao….

  166. You are all idiots. That type of law would be unconstitutional at least. Arguing and bickering over a topic that is completely fabricated. Only PA drivers would think this is a real ordeal lol.

  167. Gonna suck when you suckers from PA want to go to the Jersey Shore..stay the hell out of NJ…

  168. The article was mildly funny but the comments made me want to quit the internet forever.

    Between the misspellings and atrocious grammar, the fact that a majority of these people NEEDED to share their meaningless existence with the world and the insanely obvious fact that it was farcical journalism…. Holy fuck.

    Reading those comments makes me want to kill everyone I love including myself so we can flee these morons and this dreadful world.

    Yes, New Jersey drivers very much suck. So do the severe majority of PA drivers and all of the world’s drivers, duh.

  169. Omg, look at all you people complaining and acting like a bunch of children. So Pa made the law, get over it. Move on! There is nothing you can do! If your job is in Pa, I guess it means change departments or you are SOL. Look at our country, its already falling apart with our ignorant stupid president. This right here, is no biggie. Swallow your pride and shove it.

    As for Jersey drivers, do some research on you all’s driving rating. Apparently you guys have the highest claims in the US. What does that tell you? Everything– why Governor Tom Corbitt did what he needed to do. Not everyone in the states are great drivers, but apparently ya’ll need to go back to driving school.

  170. First off, our claim rate is as high as it is due to the fact that we have the highest traffic rate caused by people traveling to the Northeast or visa versa. The only other way is through you guys, which to everyone else in this country is a no brainer. I drive for a living and spend more time on the road then probably 95% of you. What I’ve gathered in my lengthy experience is that the only thing worse then a female Asian behind the wheel is one of you impatient, inconsiderate morons! I’ll be fair and say it isn’t everyone from your smelly ass state, but a fair number would be 99 /100 of you from a distance appear to be a blind folded 5 year old behind the wheel. I can’t tell you how many potential accidents I’ve seen caused by you quido loving retards. Even though this article is fake, every fiber of my being wishes it was true! Then I would be able to go about my day know I wasn’t gonna have some moron from Jersey up my ass because they’re late for the tanning bed or a fist pumping convention. Any state that allows a bunch of over tanned rejects to put them on the map must be filled with idiots, no wonder Mother Nature tried to cleanse you from the earth, but just like a weed in a garden, you guys seemed to come right back. Should change your slogan to “weeds in the garden state” lol just seems more fitting. You guys can’t even be trusted with fireworks, it’s a wonder how your trusted with a vehicle! Stay in your own state where you can safety risk the lives of your own kind away from the rest of the country!

  171. GREAT, keep the drunken morans in PA, and they can get their own jobs there too.. stay out of NJ jobs, and i have yet to see a PA driver that can manuver around a traffic signal, unless theres a cow in the middle ..

  172. In this case, NJ needs to follow suite and ban PA drivers from traveling to the NJ shore. All the accidents in the summer from 55 down to 347 into wildwood is caused by the wreckless PA drivers in a hurry to get nowhere, causing fatal accidents to our local people trying to commute safely to our jobs. Shobies need to stay home because you all can’t drive…you endanger our children everytime you enter our roadways…

  173. People stating NJ residents are uneducated, idiotic, retarded, or what have you. 35.4% of the NJ population above the age of 25 have at least a Bachelor’s degree compared to 27.0% for PA. All of the harmful chemicals from fracking must be getting to you guys. Don’t drink the water inbreds!

  174. Lmao this article is clearly a hoax but the false truths are soo dumb they’re amuzing…#1 Jersey is the second richest state we damn sure dont need PA’s struggling economy #2 PA We’re Not Used To Driving With Dumbasses So When We Cross The Bridge And Drive In PA And Are Caught Off Guard By Some Idiot Who Doesnt Know How To Use Turnsignals or Thinks The Fast Lane Is Just Called A Fast Lane We’re Caught Off Guard

  175. I’m from New Jersey, and it’s the ones from PA who are the bad drivers, always hitting pedestrians, and not using turn signals.

  176. I am from Jorsey. I got cut off buy this blonde chick in Willow Grove, PA as we were both pulling into a gas station. I politely asked her at the pumps, “Don’t your directionals work?” She got in the car to check and then said, “Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no…..”

  177. Kudos to all of my fellow New Jersey drivers! Pennsylvania drivers are the pits! And to prove it, according to the list of Americas Worst Drivers, Pennsylvania can in at #15 while the drivers of the Great State of New Jersey came in at #32. Point proven, case closed!

  178. This is absolutely ridiculous, its not just New Jersey drivers its all! i live in NJ at the shore and we have the most ridiculous drivers from PA not paying attention and doing what the please and most of the time the PA drivers go way under the speed limit because they have no clue what they are doing! When i go to PA I always see PA drivers driving like assholes and they are always on there phone paying no attention to the road! this is beyond ridiculous!

  179. I’m surprised that it wasn’t new jersey that banned you stupid PA fucks from driving in our state. I live in wildwood, a resort town. Over the last 5 years i’ve been hit by 3 PA drivers. The first time I was riding my moped and I had a green light and one of you stupid fucks ran the red and fucking hit me because none of you know how to fucking drive. Constantly every summer you people come down and break our road laws, the speed limit is 25mph and every one of you dumb fucks drive 50 fucking mph. The other two times I got hit on a bike when dumb fucking PA drivers flew around a corner without stopping at the stop sign. You people are so fucking stupid its actually quite hard to comprehend how people can be so fucking dumb, but then again I guess its just because they’re from pennsylvania.

    1. You do realize this article is fake right? So sounds like to me your the dumb fuck. I’m pretty sure pa has 6 schools in the top 100 compared to your 2 or 3 so obviously new jersey has more dumb ducks the pa.

  180. This law should work both ways, if NJ residents cannot drive in Pa, then Pa residents can’t drive in NJ. Let me know how that works out, and have fun adding at least two hrs to your Manhattan commute.

  181. How about this since NJ Drivers are soo called ban from PA how about PA drivers Stay the Fuck off our Road and see how u feel

  182. I laughed reading all the way down. You people need to check yourselves before you start bashing on others :’)

  183. WOW! I guess New Jersey residents had better get with the program or they won’t be taking their paychecks from PA back to New Jersey. Violence against Pennsylvania drivers? All the more reason to buy a gun and stand your ground. May I recommend a modified shot gun around the 12 gauge type.. New Jersey get over it. You didn’t do much for the colonies during the War of Independence and most of your relatives were Tories. Over in this state there are historical signs that tell how PA residents back then hung the Tories they caught. PA is tougher on its own drivers than it is on any other state drivers. Any state that flies the nations flag at half mast for Whitney Houston doesn’t deserve a break.

    1. You’ve obviously never seen the Scudders Falls bridge in the morning will all the traffic going IN to Jersey and to support the nice lifestyles that the people of Bucks County could rarely afford working in their own state.

  184. fake…do you seriously think they would STOP out of state drivers coming into PA??

  185. I had to pass 5 cars on the way to Wildwood on 347/47 cause the speed limit was 50 and they were going 40, PA drivers, if you wanna drive like youre in no hurry get on the AC Expressway take Exit 7S and take the Parkway, do not get on 55,47,347,47 and drive like you don’t care cause those are actual roads that people live on and use to get places other than wildwood or sea isle, if you wanna go that way, do the speed limit, but that is a our road, we will give you the expressway or parkway cause the people of NJ hate those roads

  186. Pa drivers are fuckin Retarted. They stay in the center and left lanes going slower than everyone else in jersey, they are constantly Lost as soon as they are on the bridge. Every Pa tag should be mandatory personalized that says RETARTD..They are left lane dicks. I cant wait till one day I run a Pa driver into the woods…..ha ha ha

  187. Notice Paragraph 4.
    “I haven’t been paying attention to driving laws before, why would I start now?” This guy wonders why they banned them from driving in P.A. MORON!!!!!!!!!

  188. Before everyone keeps bitching more and more how bad another states drivers are try driving in Virginia. It’s not that the drivers are bad or good it’s the crappy laws in Virginia. Twenty mph over the speed limit is reckless endangerment. It’s a jail able misdemeanor. But get this unlike many states in Virginia, even if you receive deferred adjudication (suspended imposition of service) it can’t ever be expunged from your record. Want to work overseas you’re screwed. Got to love such a place. I’m an extremely conservative person but for a misdemeanor that isn’t assaultive, drug related, sex related etc this is just a bit harsh especially after 20 years.

  189. Jersey drivers are aggressive and self centered but they are more skilled(we have to be to live here) and generally aren’t afraid of driving. PA drivers are incompetent, think everyone is out to kill them on the road, act like cops will ticket them for going 1mph over the speed limit, and will play games with you such as brake checking and slowing down on purpose to piss you off because they’re losers and have no where to be.

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