Why I’m “Happy Happy Happy” that Phil Was Canned

Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty crew.
Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty crew.

In case you haven’t heard, Phil Robertson was canned from the uber popular “Duck Dynasty” TV show a few days ago due to his incredibly honest views on homosexuality. [Read that story here]

The ensuing outrage has yet to reach critical mass as Phil Robertson was the patriarch of the family and a cornerstone of the show.

I admit I’m not a rabid fan of Duck Dynasty. I’m more of a casual, bearded fan who admires the family’s values more than their show.

And that’s why I’m pleasantly surprised that Phil got canned. Why?

Think about it. Why do you think the show is so popular? Don’t you think it’s popular for the very reason that A&E booted Phil? The Robertson clan has a set of morals and abides by them through thick and thin. In fact, that’s the main theme of the show, isn’t it? Sure, they do different stuff on each show, but the underlying message is a spirit of forgiveness towards each other and gratitude towards the Almighty. This is why I think the show is popular.

In a tumultuous world people look for those who are standing firm.

In an amoral world people are longing for people with morals.

In a society that has over a 50% divorce rate the Robertson’s do anything to keep their family ties strong.

The Robertson’s stand unmovable against a society that runs in circles chasing it’s tail of acceptance yet trying to maintain some sort of amoral morality.

And therein lies the reason I’m so happy Phil got canned. He’s the real deal. In a plethora of whiny actors and actresses willing to sell their soul for a shot at the spotlight he stands out as having something deeper. He’s willing to give up fame and fortune for what he believes in. He is capturing the essence of what makes Duck Dynasty so special. Sure, the show is obviously staged. But the people, and what makes them special, is very real. In a very plastic, photoshopped world, people are drawn to authentic personalities. That’s what Duck Dynasty had. That’s what made them so popular. Yet A&E has suspended Phil because of that genuine personality; because of the faith and beliefs that made Phil who Phil is. The show business doesn’t understand why he doesn’t just stick to the script. That’s the magical part, it was never the script that made the show so popular. It was the people. It was their faith. You can’t have the show without the Robertson’s. A&E has gutted the soul out of the show.

That’s why I hope they cancel the show. I don’t want the show to lose that intangible quality that made it special. I don’t want the Robertson’s to be censored.

I advise the Robertson’s to just skip the middle man. Ditch A&E and start your own You Tube channel. Seriously. With millions of subscribers you could easily monetize the videos and you could still make a very handsome pile of cash without some stupid editor shoving his beliefs down your throats.

I’m a photographer. I also have beard. Plus, I have a computer and a You Tube account. If you really insist, I supposed I could manage that You Tube account for you. If you really insist.

5 thoughts on “Why I’m “Happy Happy Happy” that Phil Was Canned

  1. Found this quite interesting and I agree completely. I also want to point out that the family makes a great living off of their original duck calling business. Combine that with their simple lifestyle where they don’t spend extravagantly like spoiled rich morons, and their already set for life. A YouTube channel would still get to viewers also. I would actually be able to watch it then since I cannot afford to watch TV at all. I don’t regret not watching TV though, since most shows nowadays are just nasty and immoral.

  2. Yea, I’m guessing they’ll be just fine financially. But still, I do enjoy their antics, ESPECIALLY they’re “Don’t dump a frozen turkey into a deep fryer” ad on You Tube. Look it up!

  3. You do realize that your post has gone over 99% of the heads of the morons at A&E ….. I agree with you, what this tv world need are more Trophy Wives, The Real Wives of …, Honey Boo Boo, Hoarding…not ethically – honest family values !!!!

  4. Yea, the writers at don’t get it, I’m sure. Or maybe some of them do but they aren’t the ones calling the shots. Some bigwig asked some focus group who never watched the show before what A&E should do. Standard answer: Agree with and don’t question the militant gay community. Don’t get me wrong, people should be allowed to live like they wish, but that goes both ways.

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