Leaked Apple iGlasses Image and Info Appear on WikiLeaks; Proves Apple Innovation?

This is the leaked image of the secretive Apple iGlasses project that Apple has managed to keep under wraps until now.
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This is the leaked image of the secretive Apple iGlasses project that Apple has managed to keep under wraps until now.

Leaked information on the secretive new Apple iGlasses project appeared on WikiLeaks early Monday morning. The files appear to contain pencil and crayon sketches of the prototype iGlass although whether or not it’s the final version is unclear. Many tech consultants are speculating that Apple may actually be attempting to build hype for the secretive project by purposely leaking the info far ahead of the release date.

The iGlasses project is thought to be Apples answer to the futuristic Google Glass project and Apples attempt at breaking the creative slump some claim they’ve been experiencing.

The design appears to connect two current model iPhones together via a high tech polyurethane skeleton that vaguely resembles movie theater 3D glasses. The running consensus  is that the apparatus will weigh only half a pound and should have similar battery life to the iPhone 5. Some rumors suggest that battery life could be doubled if the user opted to use only one side of the iGlasses at a time. The iGlasses are expected to operate much like Google Glass. It will feed live video through it’s on board digital camera, superimpose the virtual world, such as Google Ads or GPS directions, on your real life surroundings, and then display the heightened sense of reality on the iPhones retina display which will be a half an inch from the users eyeball.

Benjamin Baxter is a webmaster of AppleFans.us, the foremost Apple products fan club, and is excited over the groundbreaking Apple device. “It’s simple,” he says, “And simplicity has always been a hallmark of Apple design.” He likes the idea of wearing the technology as an everyday accessory. “Viewing your life through the grainy digital camera of the iPhone would make your mundane life appear as though you were actually living in an exciting YouTube video.”

He likes how the system appears to be modular which would allow the user to customize the glasses by simply popping the polyurethane skeleton apart and switching some tiny, cheap tidbits around. “You can take the tape off the ear buds that come with the iGlasses and replace them with ear buds you prefer. Or, when a new iPhone comes out you can just pop out the old iPhone units and replace them with the updated models.”

The release date for the Apple iGlasses is rumored to be late spring 2014.

The comment section on the WikiLeaks page has both supporters and skeptics voicing their opinions.

Tix99 says, “I’m not sure why it’s taking Apple so long to come out with these glasses. I just built a pair in fifteen minutes using duck tape and a bunch of stuff I found in my school’s lost and found box.”

A user labeled Max115 says, “I’m not sure how you’re supposed to get your fingers in between your eyes and the iPhone unit so you can use the iPhones touchscreen. It seems like a bad design.”

Some commentators argued that eyelashes could be used to navigate the screen.

AngryBirds997x1 says, “Stop being a h8er. I think you could navigate the iPhones intuitive menu layout with your eyelashes. It may take a little practice but wouldn’t be any more painful than using Windows 8 live tiles.”

Some users suggested that the iGlasses could be operated using a third iPhone in the users hand. Another suggestion was voice commands although one user complained:”Siri always gets grumpy when I ask to many questions.”

AppleSucks10k suggested that “this product reeks of desperation. Apple probably didn’t think that far but it doesn’t matter because Apple users are mindless sheep who will buy anything that’s white and shiny.”

The conversation dissolved into indecipherable gibberish and technical slang from that point on.

Will it be the next big thing? I guess we’ll have to wait until late spring 2014 to find out.

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