PETA Pens Now Viral Formal Complaint Letter to Geico Insurance

This sign is an apparent response to PETA's formal complaint letter.
This sign is an apparent response to PETA’s formal complaint letter.

PETA penned a now viral complaint letter to GEICO insurance agency Wednesday in an effort to end the insurance agency’s use of trained geckos for their popular TV and internet ads.

The letter reads, “Your persistent use of rare geckos to portray your brand image is offensive to the beautiful amphibians. We cannot imagine the torture and shame the innocent geckos must go through as they are meticulously trained and coached to move their mouths in sync with the Australian accented voice and walk on their hind legs while pawning off car insurance. We demand that the geckos be released into the wild and that GEICO avoid using these fragile creatures for shameless profit in the future.” The letter has a Post Script at the end stating, “We also don’t like that you use camels to insult camel like characteristics by referring to Wednesday as ‘Hump Day.'”

GEICO responded by renting billboards all over the nation featuring an ad aimed at PETA that portrays the GEICO gecko and camel with talk bubbles that say, “We’re animated… … you brainless dweebs!”

Shelley Peterson, the spokesman for GEICO, also stated in a press release Thursday morning, “Geckos aren’t amphibians. They’re reptiles. We think this demonstrates our accusations brilliantly and leads us to believe our billboards are not over the top.”

The hash tag #BrainlessDweebs has been trending at top spots on Twitter as of Thursday morning.

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