Newly Documented Disorder Makes Disorganized People Hate Neatness

Scientists concluded a study of 500 individuals Sunday that officially established ‘Obsessive Chaotic Disorder’ as a medical condition.

"Oops, sorry about your perfectly set table and pristine tablecloth. That's a shame!" © -
“Oops, sorry about your perfectly set table and pristine tablecloth. That’s a shame!”
© –

The symptoms of Obsessive Chaotic Disorder usually include urges to disturb the organized patterns of a room or space (such as a desk or closet) or an overwhelming feeling of insecurity in impeccably decorated surroundings.

Sean Perks is a consultant with the research firm who performed the study. Perks says, “Think of Obsessive Chaotic Disorder as the opposite of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Individuals with the Chaotic Disorder have the compulsion to mess up clean surroundings. They generally dislike clean, orderly, or organized spaces and do things to remedy that discomfort.”

Individuals suffering from OCD have been known to purposely mess up acquaintances living quarters by putting cups on coffee tables without coasters, by putting toilet paper rolls on the floor directly underneath the empty toilet paper dispenser, or even tracking mud across spotlessly clean floors.

Sheila Watts participated in the study. She claims the findings have helped her know more about herself. “I used to go to my friends house and rearrange the books in her bookshelf. It would drive my friend crazy not to have her books arranged alphabetically. It drove me crazy when they were. Now I know why.”

Other participants admitted to leaving toilet seats up and not hanging the hand towel properly on the rack. One participant even admitted he would go around and push his friends wall hangings out of level just because the perfectly decorated room made him uncomfortable.

Helping victims of OCD cope are important, Perks says. “Don’t nag them. They will either turn violent or extremely apathetic.” Instead Perks suggests that you resist the urge to insult their personal character because of their condition. If you happen to live with an individual that has Obsessive Chaotic Disorder steps can be taken to alleviate the symptoms such as putting worn furniture in a room or leaving towels on the floor.

No treatments have been made available as the study has just been published. However, scientists hope that this is the first step towards a cure.

“There is now a glimmer of hope on the horizon,” Perks said, “Hopefully we’ll come up with a magic pill that can cure slobs everywhere.”

2 thoughts on “Newly Documented Disorder Makes Disorganized People Hate Neatness

  1. Well done, sir! Both of my children are unintentional OCD. They do all the things you mention, just not on purpose. I think there’s a syndrome for that, not a real disorder. Although, if there is, I blame their mother’s chromosomes, as they all are female. Maybe new research will establish a disorder for those members of the species. Keep up the good work!

    1. hahaha…I love your comment…I live in a house of women as well (twin 4-year olds) and I blame their OCD on my wife as well 🙂

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