Selfless Local Hero Sets Up Self Help Website For Depressed Rich People

Lebanon, PA. Most people can’t imagine being depressed because of extravagant wealth but that’s exactly what can happen with the nations upper crust elite, studies show. Many successful celebrities showcase the self destructive tendencies that come along with uber fortune; the most recent example being Justin Bieber and his drug induced drag racing incident. Wealth is not without it’s burdens. High taxes, unrelenting media coverage, intrusions into privacy, private jet insurance, and botched plastic surgeries are just some of the problems that wealthy people face on a daily basis. Many rich people are just looking for an escape.

And now they have one.

Despite all appearances rich people are usually dead inside. © dekanaryas -
Despite all appearances rich people are usually dead inside.
© dekanaryas –

Tom Banks is a concerned citizen from Lebanon, Pa who has been concerned with the wealthy’s welfare for some time now and has created a non-profit ministry called The main feature of the organization is a website where the rich can deposit their load of bulging, unwieldy bank accounts and hedge funds and find relief from the responsibilities that come with epic amounts of monetary assets. Wealth Counselors monitor the site 24/7 and are always available to live chat via instant message.

Dick Bennett is a Wealth Counselor who loves helping people. “It’s a rewarding job. Sometimes the lure of money makes it hard for people to give it up. It’s like heroin really. We chat with the folks who want comfort in their misery and we can usually get them to give up more of their money than they originally intended to. You should hear their sighs of relief once that heavy load is transferred out of their accounts!”

Banks intentionally designed the site to comfort and console those in financial excess. “The process is simple and can be anonymous if the burdened individual would like it to be. We also have an option where the individual can post the amount he or she has given up on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so they can share the new found freedom they are experiencing. The wealthy soul searchers can deposit any amount via PayPal or Western Union wire transfers and we will take that load off their tired shoulders.”

The help for the distressed doesn’t stop after the money is deposited. offers many online classes and self help brochures designed to teach the formerly wealthy how to stay poor and destitute and how to avoid the extravagant lifestyle and the pitfalls that come with it.

Banks says he wants no credit for his selfless acts although he has been regarded as a hometown hero in the city of Lebanon.

“His compassion is noteworthy,” says Emma Brooke, Banks neighbor. “He has that type of love that drives him to action. We need more men like him in this cruel world.”



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