Doberuahua Sales Skyrocketing Due to Audi Super Bowl Ad; What You Should Know Before Buying One

An Audi car commercial aired during the Super Bowl which featured a newly recognized breed, the Doberuahua, and has ignited a buying frenzy at pet shops across America causing long lines and shortages of available puppies.

The Doberuahua is a designer cross breed between a Doberman Pinscher and a Chihuahua that originated several years ago when Belize billionaire Charles Donnegy initiated the breed development because of his need for a small, yet vivacious, guard dog. The dog has become legendary around the Belize locale where it was created with many locals sporting scars from encounters with rogue packs of Doberuahuas.

A Doberuahua competing at the Westminster Dog Show. photo via Audi YouTube video
A Doberuahua competing at the Westminster Dog Show.
photo via Audi YouTube video

The cross breed was first created through artificial insemination, the same process used to breed Mini Labradoodles and Mini Golden Doodles, and is only now starting to become a self sustaining breed recognized by the American Kennel Society and other popular dog registration organizations.

Riley Smithers is the manager for, a popular dog classifieds website. He says they have been swamped with requests for Doberuahua’s and are having trouble finding breeders who have puppies available to advertise. “It’s not unusual,” he says, “for a dog breed to become massively popular when it’s featured on a movie or TV show.” He says Labrador Retrievers have also been popular ever since Budweiser featured a Yellow Lab on their Super Bowl ad but the demand is nowhere near that of the elusive Doberuahuah.

Smithers is concerned people don’t know enough about the breed and says many people who impusively buy the Doberuahua puppy will probably regret it later. “Many people just can’t handle the extreme personality of the poignantly bred guard dog. It’s been known to be able to chew through reinforced concrete and barbed wire without doing any visible damage to itself. The Audi ad is actually very accurate.”

The dog also requires extra care since it’s head, which is designed for maximum jaw leverage, is much bigger than it’s body and can be tipped over easily. Doberuahuas are susceptible to drowning since their head drags them underwater head first; their comically proportioned legs to little to keep the head afloat. For this reason pool owners may want to second guess buying this breed and owners may need to think twice when jumping into large puddles with their Doberuahua in tow.

Another issue that the breed faces is frequent constipation. This can happen often because the dog has a tendency to eat tree stumps, car tires, work boots, and basically anything that it can fit in it’s large mouth. Those items usually can’t fit through it’s smaller intestines causing blockage of the digestion system. Any potential owners should be aware that this is an issue but the problem can usually be solved by digital extraction of the feces. In fact, learning the extraction process is essential for any Doberuahua because vets usually refuse to allow the Doberuahuas inside the building.

Donna Smith is a proud Doberuahua owner. “You get used to the constipation issues,” she says, “it’s not a complicated process for me anymore although people do look at you strange when you perform a digital extraction at the local doggy park.” She says the benefits of owning the rare breed far outweigh the cons.

Smithers says that dedicated pet owners would enjoy a Doberuahua. “If you don’t mind wearing bomb squad body suits every time you are around your wonderful little companion, life with a Doberuahua can be very rewarding.”

Here is the Audi Super Bowl ad that started the Doberuahua mania:

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