Old Man Winter Reinforcing Grumpy Old Man Stereotype

Eastern Seaboard, US. Old Man Winter is doing little to combat the stereotype of a grumpy and bitter old man who desires to toughen up the weak, younger generation by punishing them with multiple back to back snow storms that crush commuting schedules and throw mass transit into chaos.

The storm has been slow moving, cold, and gloomy; slowing everyone down and causing major frustration with the people are who are not retired and are concerned with getting to work on time. A majority of the young population seem to agree that those traits define their stereotypes of the elderly and that Old Man Winter is fitting right into their preconceived notion of how old people act.

© Jeanne McRight - Fotolia.com
© Jeanne McRight – Fotolia.com

Bob Galliger is self proclaimed old man who agrees with Old Man Winter’s mission to toughen up today’s youth. “The young people today, they ain’t tough man. They just fiddle with the PlayBox all day. I’ve been to ‘nam, man. We fought those communists in three feet of snow every day, we lived on bark and leaves. If we caught some mosquitoes to eat we thought we were living high on the hog.” Galliger claims that young people only use energy to “smoke pot” and to “stir up trouble” when they should be working hard so they can give most of their paycheck to the failing Social Security program.

Since the power has been out for hundreds of thousands of people across the Midwest, it does seem Old Man Winter has been forcing people from behind their TV screens so they can go shovel their walks.

Gregory Heinz, who lives in Philadelphia, PA., used to like Old Man Winter but says the Old Man’s attitude is going beyond adorably grumpy. “I used to like Old Man Winter. We used to get along but the old guy is getting downright cantankerous, just like old people do when you are having a good time.”

Sheila Rhodes lives in Ocean City, Maryland. She suspects that Old Man Winter is trying to get the people on the beach to wear more clothing. “Typical old person, trying to get you to put your clothing back on.” She shook her head which was barely visible under two feet of scarves and hats. “It’s working.”

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