Capital Records To Replace Hot, Talentless Singers With Computer Generated Superstars

Digital auto tuning has revolutionized the music industry and has smoothed the road to fame for many attractive people who have an unfortunate lack of singing talent. Now Capital Records has teamed up with Dreamworks Animation and has announced in a press release Wednesday that the expensive and budget crunching process of sifting through thousands of aspiring singers has been cast by the wayside with the implementation of computer modeled personalities that have the gorgeous looks and the rare singing talent of the ideal celebrity superstar.

Capital Records and Dreamworks are teaming together to build musical superstars. © ra2 studio -
Capital Records and Dreamworks are teaming together to build musical superstars.
© ra2 studio –

Steve Nasher, the CEO of Capital Records, says that they have been partially implementing this practice for the last several years but only recently has the animation technology, provided by Dreamworks, reached the point where it can produce ultra realistic human images to go with the computer created voice. “We used to hire singers as more of faces, or avatars, to attach to the heavily auto tuned and studio perfected voice so we could have some physical beauty to market the music. Now we don’t even need to hire actors or actresses to fill these roles.” Instead, Nasher says, computer animation and auto tuning technology fills the roles of both image and voice effectively erasing the need to pay anybody royalties.

The physical and emotional aspects to the personalities are modeled after the human platinum selling mega hit superstars of the past five years. While the record company will continue to favor the blonde Barbie doll characteristics for it’s manufactured singers, the record company can produce any gender and race of personality they find does well in the market. Nasher says this allows Capital Records to exploit their audience with exactly what the audience mindlessly buys and idolizes.

The created personality is paired with artificial intelligence, much like Siri with Apple products, and is complete with automated social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, featuring regular updates in the personality’s fictitious life so that the fans connect with and idolize the superstar product. They even introduce planned drama and scandals to keep the characters real-to-life. “It’s important to give the personality’s human features and drama because that is what customers like to follow and idolize,” Nasher said, “It allows us to not waste resources by being overly concerned with the quality of the music that’s produced.”

When asked if any of the current superstars are actually fictitious manufactured personalities Nasher winked and smiled, but refused to comment. “You’ll never be able tell our drones apart from actual people. I’m not about to tell you since I don’t want to spoil the magic of technology. Plus, I’d be fired.”

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