Taylor Swift Finds Stable Relationship and Puts Her Pop Star Icon Status in Jeopardy

Sources from Capital Records say that Taylor Swift’s current project, which is still in the making, has the potential to be her lowest grossing album ever because her stable relationship with a responsible and loving young man who doesn’t have any flaws whatsoever is removing the source of her musical genius.

The sources, who wish to remain anonymous, claim that by staying in a committed relationship her song themes are becoming less dramatic and involve subjects that deal with stuff responsible adults deal with; things like taxes, mini-vans, and retirement planning. The sources say these subjects are alienating her from her emotionally charged and unstable fan base who connected to her roller coaster ride of relationships and unnecessary drama.

The committed relationship also disengages the few male fans who only liked her music because she was an attractive female who was almost always in a complicated relationship status which allowed the possibility, however faint, of the male fans scoring big with a rich celebrity “who had a thing for losers,” say the sources. With Swift involved in a serious relationship that has her thinking about minivans and retirement, those disingenuous male fans have no reason to follow her every move.

Swift could not be reached for comment. Her last album, Red, or something like that, did really well and made lots of money.

Still, despite her now stable relationship, many local residents in the Reading area hail her as a hometown hero since Swift grew up in the Wyomissing, PA area. Theodore Martin says before Swift all the local residents had to look up to gang bangers and hoodlums. “We finally have someone who isn’t a criminal.. yet, that we can look up to and admire. I’ll always be a fan despite her choice to be involved in a melodramatic, stable relationship.”

One thought on “Taylor Swift Finds Stable Relationship and Puts Her Pop Star Icon Status in Jeopardy

  1. Surely the greater Reading area has better people to look up to now that Taylor is off the list than the likes of Juan Manuel Gonzalez or Timothy Jamar Harper!

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