Experts Claim Unused Musical Arrangements are Becoming Increasingly Rare; “Everything Under the Sun Has Been Sung”

Have you noticed that new music is, well, worse than the old? That’s because it is according to a piece that broke in The Daily Item Online Monday evening. The article quotes Matthew McKinus, who is a respected musical analyst with Kentucky University, as saying that the available number of new musical arrangements is reaching an all time low. The article claims that “everything under the sun has been sung. We still insist on trying to sing it again.”

According to the article, the number of possible note combinations has been on the decrease since music was invented but McKinus claims that this is the first time in history that society has the ability to hear previous generations music thanks to the invention of recording technology. “Songs would rise in popularity then fade into peoples memories. This way the music arrangements could be recycled, or discovered anew with the next generation because no one would remember that that particular arrangement was already sung. With the ability now to listen to music from previous generations whenever we want, we are faced with a ever shrinking pool of musical arrangements from which to create new songs.”

The music industry has been stepping up in remarkable ways to try and help conserve music for future generations. Many hit songs utilize fewer note and beat variations while shying away from the crazy complex guitar solos and soaring symphonies of the past. McKinus says that hip hop has been a particular star in doing more with less. “The entire genre uses three or four different beat patterns compared to other genres which irresponsibly use many different creative arrangements.”

Other experts warn that the English vocabulary is also straining to offer original lyric combinations. Ted Dennis, a Professor of Linguistics at a major New York private academy, asserts that the English  language is too small to produce any more profound lyrical revelations. “We’re losing our ability to communicate deep values or morals since previous generations who talked about those things used up all the word combinations that make those conversations possible.” Dennis says that society is accomplishing great things by making up new vocabulary such as ‘booty’, ‘twerking’, ‘selfie’, ‘#@&$#’, ‘$#&@’, or ‘bro’ to deal with the profound moral issues of the day.

Dennis says in summary that, for better or for worse, modern music has all the emotion of number pad press tones and deals with issues that can be summarized by made up words which have arbitrary and offensive meanings. He smiles as he reiterates, “This generation has so much potential to do awesome things.”


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