Local Amish ambulance crew makes history by getting worst ever review on Yelp

Story contributed by Josh Snader of FacepalmNation.com.

Strasburg, PA. An Amish ambulance crew, Lapp’s Amish Ambulance based in Gordonville, recently made history by recieving the lowest score ever on Yelp, a popular socially driven business review website.

The Lapp's Amish Ambulance fleet. photo: © Tom Mc Nemar - Fotolia.com
The Lapp’s Amish Ambulance fleet.
photo: © Tom Mc Nemar – Fotolia.com

Lapp’s Amish Ambulance service is a fleet of highly specialized horse drawn buggies that provide ambulance care to hundreds of mostly Amish families in the Strasburg area.

Overall, Lapp’s Amish Ambulance garnered 0 out of the 5 stars that’s possible with the Yelp rating, with 5 stars being the best rating possible. Many of the bad reviews stem from the fact that Amish refuse many modern conveniences such as vehicles and being connected to the electrical grid. This can complicate response times and treatment procedures.

Some of the reviews are quite alarming considering the emergency nature typical ambulance calls.

Jen S. of Lancaster, PA gave Lapp’s Amish Ambulance 0 stars. She wrote on her Yelp review: “Called Lapps several times only to get the answering machine each time. I left several frantic messages but they only returned my call that evening after I had splinted my broken leg myself. 0 stars from me.”

Todd B. also gave the local business a whopping 0 stars. “After leaving several voicemails I learned I was leaving the voicemails in another Sam Lapps mailbox. Then I got the right Samuel Lapp but his son said he’s out in the field and will call me back. I waited for an hour to even schedule the ambulance.”

Kevin T. awarded 0 stars and wrote, “The ride to the hospital was slow and tedious with a lot of bumps. The horse smells were overwhelming and we stopped several times on the way to the hospital to pick up things at the stores along the way.”

Tina M. had this to say along with her 0 star rating: “They didn’t accept my insurance or even my credit card. They just pointed to a sign that said ‘cash only’ and made me get out of the ambulance. The nerve!”

When finally reached for comment, Samuel Lapp, the owner of Lapp’s Ambulance Service, was unconcerned about his Yelp rating.

“When you haul hurt people around,” he said, “You hear a lot of yelps and groans. They are mostly bad yelps because people who aren’t hurt don’t yelp much. I’ve been the business for awhile now, bad yelps don’t bother me none.”

Mr. Lapp was confident that the rising popularity of homeopathic medicines would cause people to look to more natural ways of ambulance transportation. “The clip clop of horse hooves do a body good. It’s good medicine to slow down in life sometimes. You English people always rush around.”


For now Lapp’s Amish Ambulance holds the record for the most negative Yelp reviews and is likely to stay in that position since Amish typically are not in the mood for change.

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