Colorado Public Schools to Use Marijuana as a Natural and Organic Replacement for Ritalin

Addressing concerns over the detrimental side effects of Ritalin, a medication used to control the hyperactivity of children diagnosed with ADHD, the Colorado Department of Education announced their decision to use medicinal Marijuana in it’s place.

The move has angered some residents who say that the drug has no place in children’s classrooms. Damian Houzer is a teacher at Denver Middle School who is opposed to the use of medicinal marijuana. “The demand for weed is already exceeding the supply, now we have to share it with children? It’s just not right.” He said he wasn’t opposed to working with the school board on the subject. “If I were to smoke it and the children just get the second hand, we could make that work quite well.”

Competing for supply isn’t the only concern. The question of the cost of the medicinal marijuana was raised but the school board assured those in attendance at the public hearing that the children would grow the marijuana themselves during science class, saving the taxpayer funded school system hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. David Yetz is the principal at Denver Middle School. He says that not only does medicinal marijuana have less side effects than Ritalin but it’ll also give the children something to do during science class. “Instead of flipping through piles of boring textbooks, they will be outside soaking up the sun and raking weeds out of their little marijuana plots.” Yetz claims it will be educational. “It’ll help them deal with their ADHD symptoms while teaching them skills they’ll most likely use in their future.”

The garden plots will be set up in window boxes and in flowerbeds around the school. The children will get to take charge of their own garden plots which they can decorate as they see fit giving them ownership and sense of pride in accomplishment, say school officials.

Deb Martinez is the president of the Denver Homeopathic Medicine Society. She supports the measure since she says that children are not getting enough all natural, organic, homegrown medicines in their diet. “What we’re seeing is a lot of big pharmaceutical companies shoving these chemical ridden poison pills down our kids throats. It’s refreshing to see a local school going against the sway of big business and exploring the beautiful, healthy remedies nature has to offer.”

The school plans to sell the extra marijuana that is not used in the classroom to the local humidors and certified sellers which will help keep the Colorado Department of Education in the black for the foreseeable future.

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