New Research Shows Stupidity is Highly Contagious

New research from Center of Disease Control (CDC) suggests that stupidity is highly contagious and is easily contracted. The survey was a result of a year of research and a study of over 3,400 participants across several major cities in the United States.Group Making Funny Faces

The research shows that, overall, the average IQ of participants dwindled as they experienced repeated and prolonged exposure to other people while the IQ of those who stayed away from the masses showed a slight increase in IQ.

Don Lemons was one of the statisticians involved in the research. He says the spread of stupidity is most often visible in fashion and social trends. “As soon as you have a large number of people doing a certain thing, like planking, that activity soon catches on and involves many more people. Intelligent people who are normally perfectly content walking and existing in an upright state suddenly drop 100 IQ points and try to find things to lay horizontally on top of just because they saw someone else do it. Then they take a picture of it and post it on Facebook. Soon their friends are doing the same thing. That’s classic stupidity symptoms.”

The study claims that the internet has given people who would have normally suffered silently in their villages a bullhorn into the lives of millions across the world which has caused stupidity to explode on a global scale.

According to the findings, large cities such as Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston are spawning grounds for stupidity since the population density is very high. “You have a whole bunch of people on one large pile so contagious diseases such as stupidity tend to spread much faster,” Lemons says. Once stupidity is contracted it makes the victim arrogant and blind to his or her own stupidity. “The cities basically have thousands of elitist snobs who dress like clowns.”

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However, not all stupid people are as dangerous as others. The contagiousness of the stupidity depends upon the victim. If the victim is popular and wealthy and is part of a large social group they are much more likely to spread the disease.

Teresa Smith is an avid Twitter user and is the creator of the fashion website She disagrees with Lemons. “They also have to be hot. If an ugly person wears a diaper on his head, I probably won’t do it. If Matthew McConaughey wears a diaper on his head I’d probably do it too.” Smith says that being on the cutting edge of fashion feels odd at first but that’s only because all those other people are just uneducated, stupid hicks who live under a rock. She suggests that they wouldn’t be cultured enough to realize that head diapers are crazy cool.

Chad Binker recently was the victim of a someone suffering from stupidity. “I had my car parked at Wal-Mart the other day and this blonde girl backed into my car repeatedly trying to get her Smart car out of a RV parking space. I thought it was funny so I filmed it and put it on YouTube.” Chad says that within hours, millions of people had watched the video. If he would’ve know the viral nature of stupidity he wouldn’t have uploaded the video. “I had no idea I was making everyone who watched it just a little more stupid.”

The research, released to the public just last Wednesday, warned against exposure to the large groups of people engaged in visible stupidity and gave guidelines to avoid contracting the disease. “Avoid large groups of people acting confident in their obviously stupid actions. Avoid prolonged exposure even if it’s through indirect contact. Stupid people tend to rely heavily on Facebook, Twitter, and even Xbox Live to spew their meaningless nonsense.” The research warned people to monitor themselves for symptoms. “If you find you are telling yourself ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ it’s time to spend some time in the wilderness intensely reflecting upon the basics of survival.”


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