Local Veterinarian Clinic Offers Gender Re-Assignment Surgery for Male Dogs

Strasburg, PA. Paws ‘N Claws Veterinarian Clinic is switching it up and is now offering a trans-gender surgery for male dogs. The groundbreaking new canine gender re-assignment surgery cost $120 and David Meese, the owner of Paws ‘N Claws, says they already have people making appointments for their pooches.

Meese points out that their new procedure is snipping out a niche market for local families who see signs of what they think are their dogs expressing anger at their born gender. “I had a family come in with a male Toy Poodle who would pee on car tires and perform lewd acts with people’s legs. It was obviously a very active, angry, and confused dog. The family was sad at how Max was acting out and they decided to help him by bringing him here.” Meese claims the surgery had a profound and immediate effect. “The family told us that Max, who is now named Maxine, changed overnight. They say she now just sits listlessly in the corner and whimpers all day. He, er.. she is obviously much more content with who she is now. We fixed that dog.”

Rachel Zinsky is the coordinator for the local animal shelter. She says that dogs who are dissatisfied with their born gender is nothing uncommon. “We perform the surgery on half the dogs that come in. You should how happily they whimper in the corner immediately after the surgery. The transformation is instantaneous!”

Meese expects the demand for the surgery to be steady. “We are stocked up on rubber gloves, scalpels, and muzzles so we believe we can keep up with the demand. Just call and make an appointment before you show up.”


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