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Our newsroom is a busy place. Meet our crack team that keeps the website hopping like a hippo on hallucinogens.

Josh “Beard” Snader

Josh is the head editor of Stupend.us! He actually has a high school diploma and enjoys listening and yelling at talk radio hosts. He stays up to date with the latest news and this website is the result of his desire to mock the world in general. His cynicism and his slippery grasp on the English language seeps through his writing but what can we say? He owns the dumb website. Josh covers general national and local news.

Josh is a freelance writer and is willing to write stuff for people if he’s offered cash, gold, or even exotic cars. You can contact Josh with potential assignments at josh.l.snader@gmail.com.

Josh "Beard" Snader gets a kick out of mocking society.
Josh “Beard” Snader gets a kick out of mocking society.

Teddy “T-Rex” Thunder

Teddy “T-Rex” Thunder is a technology buff with too much time on his hands. He enjoys wearing pajamas all day long and guzzling Mountain Dew while making enemies on Xbox Live. Teddy is actually not that intelligent but is very likable and works cheap. We are proud to have Teddy as part of our tech team.

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Teddy “T-Rex” Thunder is an accomplished member of our tech team and is an infamous Xbox Live member.
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Bertha “Bunker Buster” Hinklemyer

Bertha Hinklemyer watches a lot of sports since that was the channel that was set on her TV when she bought it. She’s too lazy to get up and change the channel and the remote is the whole way across the room. This forces Bertha to watch a ceaseless stream of sports related television so she is somewhat of an expert on things that have to do with running, falling, and scoring. We consider “Bunker Buster” Bertha a hard hitting (literally) journalist and an invaluable member of our award winning newsroom.

Bertha "Bunker Buster" Hinklemyer © olly - Fotolia.com
Bertha “Bunker Buster” Hinklemyer is a hard hitting news correspondent. And we mean that literally.
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Jack “Guns” McGee

Jack “Guns” McGee is a reformed member of the infamous Amish Mafia smuggling ring and has chewed his way through the ranks of elite word ninjas to the esteemed position he fills so elegantly now. Jack covers whatever news items he “jolly well” feels like covering. Jack will always be a member of our esteemed team because no one has the guts to fire him.

Jack "Guns" McGee was a former member of the "Amish Mafia" and knows Lebanon Levi on a personal basis. © ysbrandcosijn - Fotolia.com
Jack “Guns” McGee was a former member of the “Amish Mafia” and knows Lebanon Levi on a personal basis.
© ysbrandcosijn – Fotolia.com

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