What’s the Point to This?

Hello and thank you for taking precious time out of your day only to waste it here.

This is a satire website. These articles are fake. They aren’t real. If you have an iota of common sense, you’ve probably deduced that by now.

So what’s the point of this half baked website anyway?

Well, my name is Josh and I’ve found a past time I enjoy. Before you instantly start criticizing my hasty writing style please realize that my grammar skills were forged in the crucible of an ADD riddled mind. Meaning: I never paid attention to my truly wonderful teachers. Plus, writing is like a creative release for me. This website was created with two purposes: (1) To have fun (2) To practice writing. Practice is the only way to ever get truly good at something. Talent will only take you so far.

Self Portrait

^This is me sitting on my classic car.


I realize some articles are better than others. But that’s not the point. The point is to practice writing, and have fun doing it. And to poke fun at our society along the way.

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I hope you enjoy these spoofs as much as I enjoy writing them,



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